Hi All,
I haven't been out here in a few years, but as I just finished building my last project (Bagby Mandolins) I'm ready to start another. I'm sorry if this topic has already been set up, but I couldn't find it so here goes:

I'd like to build a 2-way kit, around the same size or even a bit smaller than the Mandolin, but that utilizes a non-standard (non-dome) tweeter. i've heard great things about ribbons, AMT's, etc. and want something that will offer exceptional clarity/air especially for vocals and violin. I don't want to skimp on the mid-range or lower range, but also don't need a full-range speaker. I'd like to keep it under $600ish if possible. Here is what I've looked at so far:

- Carmody Speedsters
- Carmody Spitfire
- Salin Keramiskas
- Shaffer Nephilas
- Shaffer Stance
- Holtz/Campbell Micro Statements

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.