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Dayton DTA-2 Quiescent Current

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  • Dayton DTA-2 Quiescent Current

    Has anyone tested, or does anyone have the spec for, the Dayton DTA-2 amp's idle current, i.e., how much it draws when it is turned on but not receiving any input signal to amplify? This guy here:

    I am considering using this amp in a battery-powered application, but I would like to have that spec, and can't find it in the scant product literature. I'm aware that it is a Class D amp, but that in itself doesn't answer my question.

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    Since no one here seemed to have the information I was seeking, I decided to answer my own question.

    With the DTA-2 hooked up to a 12 volt supply and turned on, but with no input or output signals, the idle current measured 61 mA.

    Perhaps that figure will be of use to some future builder.


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      Thanks for posting back! A lot of folks wouldn't do that and you're right that someone may want to know.
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