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    Originally posted by JRT View Post
    Yes... The stands under stand mounted monitors take up space without delivering any bass. And with monitors pulled away from the wall behind, located suitably out into the room (suitable for most designs, but not all designs) that volume of space under and behind a monitor can be utilized by a bass bin without losing usable floor space. And utilizing that volume also helps to prevent a spouse from pushing a smaller stand mounted loudspeaker back against the wall or behind a planter, etc.
    Yep this is where I am right now. Bookshelf speakers on stands and a separate sub is taking up more space than towers. I guess I should also look for a MT / MTM with a matched sub to build into towers or at least build an integrated stand. That would accomplish the same goal I think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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      Ok so here's what I think I'm going to do, Tritrix TM and Dayton reference 8" sub with the 250w DSP plate amp. I will either make stands to connect the Tritrix to the sub or I will modify the stand I already have to accomplish the same goal. I might run the DSP lineout to my receiver and run the high pass filter at 100hz.

      Decent plan or is there money spent on better components?


      • djg
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        Excellent choice. If your receiver has pre out/ main in you can loop the DSPsub. Pre out to the sub, then back to main in. The sub extracts the low frequencies and sends the rest back to the receiver. The best way to utilize the DSP sub's features. I have two of these kits, dead easy to build.

        I had a complete 5.1 Tritrix system, great sound for the money. You can always spend more.

      • bigslim3k
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        Well I though my receiver would be able to take the dip line out but it doesn't have a main in. I will have to plan for that when Im shopping for amps and or a dsp.