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Sehlin Rhodium- crossover help

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  • Sehlin Rhodium- crossover help

    Dear Parts Express,

    I've been working on building Scott's Rhodium speakers.
    While my cabinet making skills frankly suck, the cabinet still looks okay.

    I'm ready to wire up the speakers, but for the life of me can't figure out how the thing should look like...

    Find sending me a picture of your actual crossover?


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    This one right? (
    Click image for larger version

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    Apologies in advance if this is rudimentary advise and not what you're asking....

    It doesn't have to "look" like anything specifically, you just need to make sure all the parts are connected together per the diagram.

    To make it a 'little' easier to follow, you can literally just connect all the blue dots I've highlighted together to the same point.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Untitled-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	29.4 KB ID:	1467538
    m = coil, -||- = capacitor, [] = resistor
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      I'm a super beginner


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        currently trying to wire things together.

        figuring out the physical layout of things is tricky!


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 make it simpler and to get started you can lay them out exactly as you see them in the diagram...
          Constructions: Dayton+SB 2-Way v1 | Dayton+SB 2-Way v2 | Fabios (SB Monitors)
          Refurbs: KLH 2 | Rega Ela Mk1


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            If you take Dazzar's dwg. w/the blue DOTS, and INVERT (flip) the woofer section - placing it BELOW the tweeter (and flipping it), you can see that all the blue dots will come together. You can then just wire them all together, OR (if they're too far apart) you could run a ground strap (a hunk of stripped (solid) Romex (house wiring)) across your board (a.k.a. a "buss") and solder all the gnd leads to that.


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              I had a bunch of stuff scattered on my workbench, so I threw this together, it's kind of crude, but maybe Chris can idiot check it for me:


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                Got this done last night, but was a bit sleep deprived.

                It's alive!!!!!! Seriously, thanks for the help everyone.
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                  If you can still make changes, lay the 0.35mh inductor on its side. (Like Jakes_Dad in post #7).


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                    I was just going to finish them up today.

                    Btw, I have a few extra resisters? I think 10 w. Was it suggested as an audio tweak in the crossover?

                    Anyways, I'm excited to hear how these sound.