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Need help designing X-over for rebuild of AR28B

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  • Need help designing X-over for rebuild of AR28B

    I was given a pair of AR 28Bw speakers. I order the foam kit before I realized that the intact woofer wasn't the original and had been replaced by a Radio Shack "whizzer cone", so I'm planning to replace both with the Dayton DC200-8, seems like several people have used it in rebuilds of AR, Advent and Boston Acoustic speakers. According to the description, BassBox 6 Pro recommends a sealed enclosure of .46ft3 which is almost exactly what the AR28 is! The crossover is nothing more than a simple cap. I figured I may as well put a little extra effort in here and make a "real" crossover, BUT that's something I know virtually nothing about. Is there some software out there where I can enter the specs of the cabinet, the woofer, the tweeter (hopefully can find some data or since it's rather classic it's already out there in a software database) and have a crossover design calculated? Pardon my ignorance here. Thus far I've only built a pair of C-Notes and am in the process of building Carmody's Classix 2.5, but someone else already figured out the hard part of those. I know nothing of DIY design. Thanks for any direction here!

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    The first thing to ask is whether you can get a replacement (such as 'new old stock') AR woofer: the DC200 might fit physically etc, but its specs and frequency

    response will be different from the original, so at the very least, the speakers will sound different.

    There are some refurbished AR woofers online but I'm not sure if they're the same as in your speaker, plus they are rather expensive.

    As the crossover is just a cap - and I'm assuming the speakers used to sound good - that should mean that the AR woofer had a nice smooth response and roll off. The DC200 doesn't look that smooth, at least according to the PE parts page graph (shown below), so it will need someone with much more expertise than me to try and match it with the AR tweeter.

    PE members have made successful 2 way speakers with the DC200, so it's do-able.

    The following thread may also give you some ideas:

    I can't help you with the crossover, I'm afraid.


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      Yeah, spending big $ on refurb AR drivers isn't part of my cheapskate mentality. THanks for the resources

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    If that's an old acoustic suspension style, try Human speakers. They're into that genre.