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Help me pick a tweeter for a two way using the Peerless 830855 SDS 4",please.

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  • Help me pick a tweeter for a two way using the Peerless 830855 SDS 4",please.

    I have recently gotten the urge to build a two way no bigger than the Dayton 4 design but with a significant step up in sound quality. This won't be easy since the Dayton 4 is, in my opinion, a pretty amazing speaker given its 4.5L volume. It is not too hard to build a better sounding speaker if one is willing to go to a cabinet of 6 or more liters, but as you get below 5L it is tough to beat the TCP115 in terms of maximum SPL and lowest F3. I started a thread both here and at DIY audio, and the only driver anyone could suggest that would go a little lower and louder cost about $100 each. It was brought up that although the Dayton 4 design is impressive for its size, there is room for improvement in it's overall fidelity. The Peerless 830855 (Peerless by Tymphany SDS Series 830855 4" Woofer 8 Ohm) reportedly sounds very good, will accept being driven somewhat past Xmax well, and is almost able to equal the mighty TCP 115 in F3 and SPL.
    So, I will be ordering a pair of the Peerless 4" and one or more of the tweeter candidates tomorrow. I went through my tweeter inventory today and was pleasantly surprised at what I have on hand in small diameter tweeters. Specifically, the: Dayton ND 16, Dayton ND20Fa -6, Dayton TD20F-4, Dayton ND25TA-4, Dayton ND28F-6 and the Peerless XT25 SC90-04. In addition, I have in my PE shopping cart, the Peerless DX 20 BF00-4 and the Peerless NE 25 VTS-04.
    So, Im thinking I would like to cross over at around 2200-2500 to avoid woofer beaming and breakup issues. Since I still struggle with crossover design, a pairing that would not need more than 6 or 7 parts would be nice. Finally, I would like a tweeter that is a clear step up from the ND16 (which actually is pretty decent). Also, I have done several different builds with the XT25 SC90 and it probably is the best choice in many ways, BUT I would like to try something different if doing so isn't creating a significant loss in sound quality.
    A long winded post, but I'm hoping that with all the detail provided I can get specific guidance from folks who have been doing this for decades!

    Thanks in advance,

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    You could consider the NE19VTS also, it is 1/2" smaller cutout than the NE25 and I think would crossover low enough.


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      Of what you have listed, ND25TA-4 and ND28F-6 are the only ones that will play 2.5kHz or lower. The SC90 really is a 2.6k+ tweeter. The DX20 likely should not go below 2.8-3k being a 22mm dome.

      Have you thought about the SB29RDNC? I know it's a bit more costly, but it will play lower, and be similar to the SC90 in off-axis response.
      The new Morel tweeter is a little less money, but might suit your needs.
      Seas 22TFF might get low enough, it's not overly large, and the cosmetics are akin to the 830855.

      To xover lower in tweeters, there is no replacement for displacement.
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        My vote is for the NE25VTS. I have a few sitting on the shelf feeling unloved and I would love to get somebody's opinion on, never having used them myself but having slated them for a half dozen projects... A certain spkrbldr on this forum, who shall not be named, has had one of my NE25VTS drivers sitting on his shelf, pretending like he will measure it for me for like... i dunno.. forever... Prolly the same about of time that I've been promising to build some box or cabinet or something for him...


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          The ND28F-6 is a "known item" and works nicely for the money. The Vifa NE19VTS has some small issues (I've used it) to tame regards to rising response, but nothing really difficult, but they aren't cheap. The ND28F-6 is almost a "plop-in-the-box" item, especially with the Peerless SDS 830855. The Peerless qualifies as an easy to work with mid-woofer that doesn't require tons of XO parts. I'm trying to remember who made a good design around it in about a 5 liter box many years ago. F3 of about 60Hz (for REAL) and around 86 dB sensitivity if my mind is working. Made for true bookshelf (desktop) use. I think it would handle just under 30 watts. Good luck and have fun!


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            This build use the ND20fa-6 with your woofer



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              Look at number of crossover parts needed in kit to mate Peerless with ND20fa-6.

              My guess is you would need fewer parts with ND28F-6. So any additional cost of tweeter likely offset by savings on fewer crossover parts.


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                Four resistors and a cheap cap make up half of the crossover, so it's not too bad, IMO. I don't count resistors as real parts, just the caps and coils that cost money


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                  Many thanks for all the input,Gents. What I have decided to do is order the NE25VTS and DX 20 BF00-4 and when they come in measure them and the other contenders that I already have. When I have that data I'll decide what to do and let folks know.
                  As an aside, in anticipation of doing this build, I pulled out three previous small 2 way builds I had done. I listened to them at a matched 75db level at a 13 foot distance on a variety of tracks, including some classical. Long story short, I liked the Dayton 4 Deluxe best, the Overnight Sesations second and the Dayton 4 least. The difference a stiffer, deeper cabinet and good x-over components make in the original Dayton 4 design is immediately obvious. So in a funny sense, I realize that one answer to my previous query about "what beats the Dayton 4 in a small cabinet" is a Dayton 4 in a better cabinet with better x-over components!