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  • Desktop PC Speakers suggestions

    Looking for some suggestions for desktop PC speakers. I'm looking for something compact and will likely add a small sub later on.

    So far, the Copperheads look appealing. I also ran across the Tang Band W4-1337SDF 4" and W3-1364SA 3" which look interesting as full ranges, but I'm not familiar enough with crossovers to know if they'd need one or how to build one. Would they sound much better than the PS95 in the Copperheads?

    For some background, I've built Sunflower mains / center, OS MTM's and an UM-15" sub in my own enclosure. I considered building the OS again but it's a bit big for what I'm looking for.

    Open to suggestions!

    Edit: oh, and I also came across the Passive Aggressives, so they're on my list.

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    I scratch built the PAs and really like them. You would want them up off the desktop a few inches on stands. BOBinga has a design using the Dayton CX120-8 4" coaxial, I built a pair and really like them, but the driver is again unavailable.


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      Another vote for the Passive Aggressives. Mine are corner loaded and about eight inches off my desk. I think it would be hard to beat them.
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        Thankyou both, I appreciate the suggestions.


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          This Dayton offering serves very well in desk top service with BT and amp inside. I believe there is also a passive version.

          If you prefer to build your own, Duane Brown and Dr. Jay offered their own versions using the TCP115-4 driver. I recently built a pair patterned after Dr Jay's design and am very happy with it.



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            Thanks Marvin, I'll check them out. I'm definitely going to build my own - have to keep myself sane.


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              I keep wrestling with upgrading my Minimus 7 for desktop duty or building something small.

              There is a definite abundance of small speaker options out there. I'm curious to see what you decide on.


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                I'm curious too! The Passive Aggressives look interesting, I'm curious about passive radiators so they have their appeal. The individual parts aren't available and I'm not interested in buying the kit as I'll make my own cabinets. The Copperhead drivers aren't available either, so they're out. It looks like the only options with available parts are either the Duane Brown 4" or fiddling around with one of the full ranges I mentioned in my original posts and playing around with filters.

                As always, the rabbit hole opens up when you look for projects... a DML panel, while largish, would fit in my space, is cheap (DAEX32U-4 Ultra @ $15 each) and very interesting.


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                  My version of the Dave Browns (which were in the works before I knew of that design) used THAT woofer (in about 0.09cf, vented) w/an an old mdt-33 tweeter ($100 - in the day). Made mine for PC use from 5/8" PB. ODs are about 5"w x 5"d x 14"h (to get the tweeter "up" w/out the wasted space of stands). Do a SOLID 40Hz on the desktop!
                  (I DID use his idea of a series XO (modded for my morel) 'cause you can typically get by w/1 less coil, and I didn't have much room.)


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                    Thanks Chris, that's a nice small footprint. Is the R-33 a drop in replacement for the MDT-33?