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Phantom power with 2 x32 on AES bus

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  • Phantom power with 2 x32 on AES bus

    Hello. I have 2 x32 on the AES bus. I'm trying to get the phantom power to work on the "slave" mixer for 2 audience (condenser)mics assigned to the user bank as local inputs. I have tried external phantom power supplies and can not get the mics powered via phantom. In the x32 is there a sequence for getting this to work properly? Thanks in advance for assistance.
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    While there might be a few X32 users here (I had an X32 Rack up until 6 months ago), this is primarily a home loudspeaker design forum. You'll get more responses if you post on the ProSoundWeb forum or the dedicated Behringer forums.

    I've only skimmed it, but this thread might answer some questions -

    But the fact you couldn't get an eternal phantom power supply to work with the mics tells me something else might be wrong.

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