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Door panels - installing two full range speakers w/ different sensitivies a bad idea?

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  • Door panels - installing two full range speakers w/ different sensitivies a bad idea?

    I'm planning on replacing my OEM speakers on my 2nd gen Tacoma with some upgrades, I thought I would get started on replacing the front door panel Woofers first. I purchased a set of Rockford Fostgate 2 ways (6x9) with a spl of 90db, but when I learned that "tweeters" on the tacoma are wired in parrallel with the woofer, I panic purchased a set of Boss BRS35s (Part #265-388 ) from PE.
    Then I learned the Boss 3 inch speakers have less than average sensitivity - I think around 81 db's. (according to specs found on boss website).
    Before I send anything back, I was wondering if this may not be a real bad idea - to mix sensitivies. My thinking is that the 6x9's will be ankle height in the cabin, and the 3 inch speakers will be chest high, and near the microphone for the head unit. I was also thinking about adding a 100uf capacitor to the "tweeters" as a bass blocker. This should prevent distortion by having the boss speakers only work with frequencies above 400.
    What is scaring me is the math: if i understand it correctly the difference of 9db in sensitivies translates to the 6x9's being 8 times louder than the boss 3 inch makeshift tweeters. Am I opening a keg o worms by trying to solve this with a couple of $2 caps? - only $97.62 more to qualify for free shipping....
    FWIW - no plans to add a sub woofer, amplifier or component speakers. I'm already in over my head. and all speakers are 4 ohms, however i do have some unused 8 ohm tweeters in a container somewhere that can handle 35-50 watts.

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    "But when I learned that "tweeters" on the tacoma are wired in parallel with the woofer." What is wrong with using the tweeters you mentioned? Do they sound bad or are they too loud?


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      9db will take 8x more power.
      Perceived doubling of loudness is 10db, so the 6x9s will be perceived as 2x louder than the tweeters, assuming the same listening distance. If the 6x9s are further away, then a little less than twice as loud.


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        On the surface, there is nothing wrong with the oem's - they're working. For the sake of only having to pry open the door panels once, I made the quick decision to buy the Boss 3.5 inch speakers on a whim and do everything in one shot. theoretically, I could live with keeping the original tweeters but knowing me..."what if" seems to stir my curiosity often.
        a4eaudio - thanks for the explanation! It makes a lot more sense now, I had a feeling i was getting something wrong. I don't plan on blaring the sound, and considering the originals are 15 years old and still performing OK, I must be pretty gentle with the volume button. Hopefully the music will be louder than the dashboard buzz, but that's a whole separate problem.