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PRs for the MK Boom kit...

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  • PRs for the MK Boom kit...

    Like the subject suggests, are there any PRs that will work with the MK Boom kit? I'm interested in building one, but I want to make it as water and pest-resistant as possible, which will include coating the outside and inside with Duratex and fashioning a protective grille for the front., which of course means no open vents if possible. I'm a long time DIYer, so making a few extra cuts into the panels won't be an issue for me.
    Brian Steele

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    I think the DS135-pr and similar DSA135-pr work alright with the MKboom. Someone used them earlier in a thread for the all-in-one MKboom bluetooth kit and they SIM decently too (though not quite as low as ports, probably because of the lesser VAS of small PR's).

    The slightly larger and slightly more expensive ND140-pr works similarly well, though I think it might be a little harder to fit and you'll also need to add around 16grams to it for a similar tuning. It should get you a tiny bit more headroom (~1-2db?) if these will be dealing with bass under 30hz.
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      Yup, the DS(A)135-PR should work well in 0.11cf w/no "added mass".