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SoundEasy V27 has been released

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  • SoundEasy V27 has been released

    Dear All,

    With this email, I would like to announce the release of SoundEasy Version 27.

    Firstly, many thanks to you, the Users, who contributed your requests to the list of new feature suggestions and bug reporting. As you will see in the List of Improvements in V27, your input has been guiding this release to quite significant degree.

    As with all previous releases, I would encourage you to review the List of Improvements to see if there is anything you may see helpful in your design activities. Please review in particular the following chapters:

    Chapter 8. Starting from V25 release, SoundEasy progressed into dispersion characteristics of the drivers. V26 release expands and automates modelling capabilities of the program in this area. The program has to manage 37 SPL curves related to polar plots and still maintains backward compatibility of your current designs. There are new CAD/System plotting options, that differ from the old ones, so please familiarize yourself with this new approach. This affects all users.

    Chapter 12. New dispersion plots/features were added to Polar Plots functionality. There are now several ways to display dispersion characteristics of a driver or a system. Each option can produce standard or normalized versions of the plots. Balloon Modelling function has been added. This affects all users.

    For complete list of the new features, please visit my website:

    Please join the new Users Group:

    Best Regards,

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    Dear All,

    I forgot to mention, that all SoundEasy users, who purchased full copy of the program, or upgraded the program within the 6 weeks from the release the V27 (29th May) will receive free upgrade to V27.
    Just drop me an email with your serial number and USB dongle type.

    Best Regards,


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      Does this license for SEv27 continue ability to use UltimateEqualizer with no additional licencing fee?
      (avoiding use of the word "free")

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        Yes, it does. As long as you have SE USB dongle, you can run Ultimate Equalizer on your PC.

        The UE currently available for download from my website is UE v10. This is top-of-the-range DSP processor with low latency and 8in/16out processing capabilities. It requires WASAPI drivers for the sound cards used. Therefore, for Delta1010LT you can only use Windows7 OS, because it has no drivers for Windows10.

        However, there is a German company called “Marian”, that provides sound cards for Windows 10.

        I will be providing simpler UE version, based on UE5, that will initially run 2in/8out and 2in/16out configuration using Trace 8 and TraceOut16, both cards from Marian. This will support WDM/MME Windows audio system, and can be retrospectively run on Windows7 using Delta410LT and Delta1010LT.

        I also plan to release 8in/16out UE5 version based on Marian Seraph8+TraceOut16 with WDM/MME support. This will support 8in/8out and 8in/16out options.

        So, stay tuned for more updates.

        All the above versions are licence fee free for SoundEasy users.

        Best Regards,