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Im spinning my wheels.....might need some input.

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  • Im spinning my wheels.....might need some input.

    After a few items and reponses to posts and viewing others etc, im still thinking of building some compact PC speakers. I've thought of a few items, but some i'm seriously considering and others im unsure of purely due to logistics and costs. I still havent had a crack at working out a cross over yet, so most of these are pure speculation and parts may not actually match by the time proper modelling is done.

    Thoughts (in no order)

    Passive agressive kit, ND91 driver, ND20FB-4 tweater, ND90-PRx2 (assume 0.04cuft knock down)
    My take on a PA kit, ND91 driver, ND20FB-4, ND140-PRx1 (assume 0.05cuft enc)
    Chris R's current build TCP115, ND16FA tweeter (assume 0.08cuft enc)
    Left field build, TEBM35, Vistaton W130 X 2x4 (assume 0.08cuft enc)

    Even though i like the modelling for the ND65 with two ND90PR''s i dont think i would like the end result as i tested my phantom clone albeit in a mono setup. It was a bit disappointing in that regard, especially when the TEBM65 build (0.18cuft) with BSC has set the bar so high. The Tectonics have that great off axis response and im guilty of quite liking it, even though these FR drivers seem to get a bad wrap. Unfortunately they just take up too much space on my desk due to having a 43inch TV as my monitor.

    The PA's look like something i want, but they are just so expensive to get to AU, especially when you have shippng and additional tax lumped on it. I can source the first two locally, but due to the prices are almost on par with shipping it from PE itself. I've modelled the second, and think having a 5inch passive, that i can go a bigger enclosure

    what i've modelled, not sure how others have found this

    PA kit - F3 of mid 70's
    Variaton of PA kit- F3 of mid 70's
    TCP115 - F3 of 60
    Vistaton W130 X 2x4 - F3 of 60, but in a slightly smaller (0,07cuft) enclosure due to the FR driver needing 0.01cuft sealed.

    You may ask why Alex are you going the TEBM35's? purely because i have two of them, plus i have one of the W130 woofers and would 3d print an enclosure which would have a folded vent, similar to a commerical speaker i've wanted to try for a while....I should be mentioning that i want to put the 5inch woofer on the side, like a Boe-thingy W5, which i would be doing on the PA variatiant. I really like the off axis that the bigger tectonics provide and hoping that the smaller sibling would do something similar. I dont know where i would actually cross this at either.

    If was to lean towards something, it would be the last one, but mainly because it is technically the cheapest option as i already have 3/4 of the drivers and i would just need to buy some components for the cross over and one woofer. I dont know if i need a tweeter either.

    Any thoughts on any of these?