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Peeless Tweeter BC25SC06-04 Unusable?

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    Looks like a good start, basic compatibility of the drivers seems good. I'd build that! It would be convenient to have at least a few different values of caps and resistors on hand for voicing.


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      So do waveguide tweeters such as this have to be flushmounted? Assuming it was put in a different cabinet built from scratch. I did some Googling on that and I could not find an answer.


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        For what it's worth, the GRS poly 6.5" will flatten right out in a typical cabinet with a 2.0mH coil. The Dayton brand is affordable, and the ones I have measured have all been spot-on. If you can measure inductance, unwinding a 2.5mH to 2.2mH will be even better. You will not need any other components on the woofer to hit a 3K crossover point, which should meet the little Vifa just fine.

        Per your question on the flush mounting, it is still advisable even though the waveguide will reduce diffraction. With a combination of the waveguide, flush mounting, some round-overs on the cabinet you should have minimal ripples in the response, this will make it easy to design a crossover.

        IMHO this would be a very nice upgrade to the Cabrini design if the tweeter crossover can be worked up properly.
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          This is a 3k filter I assembled back in Feb of 2013. Here's a thread if you want to see more.