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Anyone had this DATS v3 problem?

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  • Anyone had this DATS v3 problem?

    The highest INPUT sample rate setting I can get for my DATS v3 in the sound devices management in control panel is 32khz FM radio quality, not 44.1khz as the manual suggests, and as a result I get this when I calibrate the leads;

    Can I go on testing driver impedance information with only up to 14khz ..? I suspect its something to do with these Dell Realtek audio drivers but they are all up to date, and the stupid MAXX audio pro application has to be installed for anything to work and then all the sound enhancements turned off (that was fun fault finding when testing my power amps for max output/linearity!! ).

    Maybe I should try another laptop but I only have one at the moment. Sigh.

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    Most of the time MY problem (i THINK) is that MS Win10 (auto) updates seems to whack my sound card props back to MONO. You need to have them set to STEREO !


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      I fixed the problem. I noticed in the DATS docs that the controller listed for thier DATS was "generic USB audio", whereas mine said "intel Smart USB audio. I went into those properties and disabled it, restarted and then the controller listed "generic USB audio" and I could select all the sample rates.

      Thats; Control Panel -> Sound -> Manage Audio Devices -> Recording Tab -> Select DATS "Line" input and click Properties -> General Tab, under controller information. It should say "Generic USB Audio". If it does not which mine didn't, select the Properties here and then click disable device.

      Hope this helps others with crappy 3rd party Audio controllers (Im looking at you Dell and Intel ) trying to clip the ticket on the audio data stream!!


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        The more I experience Win10/O365 and the kids at Micro Soft messing everything on my PC up the less I want to pay to stay upon that OS/Office applications.

        Can DATS-3 run on Linux Mint?

        How can anyone run a business upon a PC with an OS that others can completely disarrange while paying for the privilege of being sidetracked with their destructive updates all the time?


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          > Can DATS-3 run on Linux Mint ?

          I think ( not sure ) it will run with Wine .


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            When you get enough experience with WINE to become confident in your thoughts you really need to be careful . . .