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    These Jantzen caps are no joke. My package of Superior Z caps arrived yesterday and the 5.6 uf caps are "HUGE", (around 3X the size of the standard Z caps) but more importantly is the sound is even better then the standard Z caps. The superior caps sound more balanced and warmer/fuller/smoother with more detail then the standard Z caps. The standard Z caps can sound a little thin and sharp compared to the Superior Z caps. I thought I was going to be dissapointed in spending so much money $72.00 on a pair of capacitors but it was worth it as the sound of the Superior cap for my DML panels is just right. Now the Superiors cost around 5-6 times the price of the Standards, even with diminishing returns IMO its still worth it if you want this type of sound quality. I also bought the Jantzen Z Silver (0.10uf) cap as I wanted to try and combine it with the Z Superior but I havent done it yet as the Z superior sounds just perfect on my DML panels I dont see a need to change it but who knows maybe the Silver could bring them a notch higher.

    I was even going to buy the Jantzen Alumen caps but right now I am totally satisfied with the Jantzen Z Superiors.


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      I experimented with the Jantzen Silver caps and combined them with the Superior. What the silvers do is they open up the soundstage and increase clarity and detail. My DML panels are already holographic sounding and the Silver just increases that level even more. It does sound impressive but to me its to much. The superiors actually sound flat compared to the silver but for my DML panels I prefer the flatter sound of the superiors. If one likes super holographic type of sound with lots of detail then the Silvers are for you. Its like Dolby Atmos but with only 2 speakers lol. Jantzen claims Z superior to be holographic but the silvers is way more holographic making my small DML panels sound like very huge speakers. The superiors are more balanced and sound just right to me and will be my go to favorite cap for all my higher end DML panels.