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slot port too short?

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  • slot port too short?

    I'm looking at building the Zaph ZA5.2 speakers and was looking at going with a slot port just to do something different. The regular port is 1.5" and the interior is 6.5" so, if my calculations are correct, to have it go the width of the speaker it would need to be just a tiny bit over 1/4" high. That seems awful short; will it cause issues being like that?

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    Yes. Skinny slot ports have issues, tuning frequency isn't as predictable and the output isn't as efficient. That's due to an area near the sides of any port where there is a friction effect on the air movement. Round ports have minimal surface and are the most efficient. Slot ports work fine but start loosing efficiency as they become skinnier.
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      thanks, that makes sense.


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        What he said. A port with a minimum dimension of less than about an inch and a half is problematic. A 1/4" high port wouldn't even work like a port, it would act like a sealed cab with a leak.