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  • Copperheads or Something Else?

    I did a search on desktop speakers but didn't find as much as I had anticipated. My employer is finally requiring me to return to the office so to make that a little more enjoyable I thought I'd build some desktop speakers. They won't be played loud and I do I not need a sub.. trying not to disturb my coworkers.

    The Copperheads seem to fit the bill, cheap, easy, the speaker gets pretty good reviews, and as a bonus I like the look of the copper. I just wanted to see if y'all had any other recommendations that would be clearly better for the money. They don't have to be DIY, I just tend to lean that way.. maybe the MK402s. I want to keep it under $100 and I already have she Cnotes, those are bigger than I'd like. Bonus points for good small amp suggestions or really cheap DAC s hat aren't garbage.

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    How about Duane Brown's Dayton 4 speakers? I just picked up a Kinter K7498BT for under $40 which seems to be clone of the Lepai LP7498E. Haven't used it much so I can't speak to its robustness. You should be able to get the parts for the Dayton 4's and the amp for around a hundred.
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      The amp isn't included in the $100 although I wouldn't be mad to get both under $100. I'll check the Dayton 4's out, thanks.


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        The Lepai 2020 is a proven 2/ch amp (pretty good SQ for $25 or so).


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          I have a set of Wolf's PC speakers at my home work setup and a set of Scott's Heliums at my office desk (haven't seen them in year and a half...).
          Both work very well for low-volume desktop use w/o a sub.
          I have a Teac AI-101DA to drive them both.


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            I have both the 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm Helium's on my desktop with the Dayton 6" sub. I think they are great with or without the sub! Perfect for your needs.

            Getting better!:D


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              Went with the easiest solution.. I think they will work nice for their purpose.

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                They are dwarfed by that sub but they look good.


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                  I get chuckle from thinking about showing up to work and shoving that thing under my desk.. it could fit, right? Who needs leg room?

                  Click image for larger version

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                    You can modulate the port tuning with your feet, too!