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  • Which speaker to build

    For my next build I was wanting to do one with a waveguide. But two non-waveguide designs also look quite tempting. What would you build? Low to medium listening levels medium sized room. Soft Jazz, vocals, pop, dance and a bit of classic rock. Prefer 8 ohm (realize a couple of these are 4 ohm)

    Also, if the crossover calls for a 3.5 ohm resistor can I get away with a 3.3?
    Bagby Continuum II
    Marks ER18DXT
    Heissman Cinetor-Evo
    Heissman Suzie "Q"
    Rasmussen Hamlet

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    A few comments and questions, the first being that I haven't heard any of your options:
    • will you be using a sub?
    • can you build the cabinets or do you need knock-down?
    • budget?
    • two or three way, any cabinet size limitations?
    • the Hamlet is, I understand, a new design from Joe Rasmussen, whose Elsinore speakers are well regarded, not sure how many Hamlet builds have been done. You would think they would have a similar sound to their 'big brother'.

    I don't think you're going to hear the difference between 3.3 and 3.5 ohm resistors, that's less than 10% difference; at least, I'm sure I couldn't.



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      good questions; thank you for the reply.

      Yes, to the sub

      I can build cabinets, but the more basic the better as I only have a circular saw and a router. With patience I can get good straight cuts and end up with a good looking box but some of the fancy internal bracing panels might be challenging. I'm not sure I could pull off the inset front panel design on the continuum; but I could go with a flat front and make the back removeable (where it wouldn't be seen) to get the speaker rear mounted.

      $500-$1000, but the less expensive the better.

      Prefer to keep them under 20" of so high but 3 way would also be fine. I haven't seen many stand mount 3-ways.

      I figured the difference on the resistor was within the specs of some.

      The continuums have been highly recommended and would be the least expensive. That has the plus of leaving me room to try something else down the road. I've also heard they play okay next to walls; which would allow me to use them in other areas of the house if they didn't outdo the main speakers.
      The SR71s sounded good but I wasn't thrilled with the highs so the ER18DXT might solve that with the waveguide (shouldn't have gotten rid of the SR71).
      I can't find a lot of information on the heissman speakers.
      The Cinetor-Evo just look great, they remind me of buchardts.
      The Suzie "Q" has the 8" woofer and just looks old-school and fun; not sure about the horn tweeter on it.
      I read through the entire Elsinore thread and was really excited when a smaller version was introduced.
      My amp is low power but has driven 85-87 dB speakers to levels that are plenty loud for me so, unless someone
      has a recommendation for a 90+ dB build I should be fine with any of these power wise.
      8 ohm would be better and flatter impedance is a plus.

      I currently have a pair of B&W CM5 S2 that I'm using. There isn't anything specifically wrong with them; I just have the itch to build. I love the way it doesn't sound like the music is coming from a specific location with them. They could be a bit more detailed though.


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        I voted Continuum 2. Someone in my Continuum build thread who had built the Continuum and Continuum 2 said the 2 was better. If you read my build thread, I went to great lengths (for me) to reproduce a fancy Harbeth cab. The Continuum is really a very basic box, you could build them with your tools. I would recommend a plunge router and a circle jig. The rear mount woofer is easy if you just make a circle from the back and one from the front, and don't worry about the problematic woofer shape. That's what I did. I did fill in the sides of the woofer rebate with little semi circles just for a better seal.

        I haven't heard or heard of any of your other choices, so there's that.

        Don't forget the Bagby Continuum woofer module for a 3 way.

        Viva Voce another Continuum clone from Bagby via Meniscus.


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          I'll check out your build thread.

          How do the continuums compare to the SR71s?

          I forgot about the woofer module; it is nice to have a future project built in.


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            I'll do a little listening and get back to you.

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            OK. The Continuums are noticeably less efficient than the SR71s. If you're sticking with your low watts, this may be a factor to consider. Both are very nice sounding speakers. I can't compare to your other picks. Listened nearfield with hundreds of watts and a sub cross at 80.

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          Something completely different. I had a pair of these with my Dynakitparts ST35 clone, 17 watts/channel. Excellent bass, excellent imaging, impedance flattening circuit for tube amps. They are kinda big. Very easy to build, just big. I made mine from 1/2" ply. If you want something different that is low watt friendly. I am sure you would like the sound.


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            Thank you for the info, the lower efficiency may limit the continuums. I do have a 50 wpc amp (GT-102) in another smaller room but the speakers there are in a terrible position about 2' above and 2' away so I'm not sure what would work better there. I've found anything with any bass is too much there (I do have a small subwoofer).

            I've looked at the Singularities before and been quite tempted. My only concern with them is I'm often not in the sweet spot; which is why the waveguide designs interested me. I like the simple build and the speakers look cool.


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              Linkwitz LXminis if you're out of the sweet spot. My modest setup was about $1000. Used Adcom 4 channel amp, DIYaudio crossover, Dayton DSP sub. Not to mention the preamp. The Madison, WI speaker source has a very nice kit. Again, if you want something completely different than another box. Requires all different stuff. Some find them ugly.



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                The LXMinis look like they'd be a blast but I don't have the room to have them out that far from the wall.

                I'm thinking of going completely off menu and trying the Ampslab, Osprey-BR with Eminence Beta 10CX and Selenium D220Ti in a 45 L box.
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                  Definitely different even if it's a plain box. I built a pair of 4" coax speakers. The coax arrangement was quite apparent. Good luck.