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    WHQR is the local station I am trying to get. UNCW broadcasts something like 220 TV channels but no classical FM that I am aware of. My $20 TV antenna gets all of the TV channels a guy could want. Classical music seems to be another story here. I will investigate WUNC based on your tip, thanks. And Paul, no I folllowed the advice and tried to improve the signal gathering first, have not bought the tuner yet. I'm wanting to get FM sensitivity data on the Sangean a Yamaha and a Project but its not easy to come by. These are all $200 or less. I called a pawn shop; they have never heard of a tuner!


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      Well, I am at a point of giving up on getting over the air FM to listen to.. Can anyone tell me about the SQ I might expect from internet radio? There are some tuners in my price range that look interesting, but I am totally unfamiliar with internet radio. Do you even get a stereo signal? How good is it?


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        Steve, I don't have a lot of experience, but do stream some local stations over the internet or even Amazon Echo devices connected to a receiver with DIY speakers.

        I listen to both AM & FM. WGN AM produces a stereo signal that sounds far better than I can get even in my cars.

        WFMT classical also sounds cleaner that OTA.

        You should be able to stream almost any station over your computer or smart speaker just to test the quality. Use headphones if you want for testing. See how that works and then move ahead.

        FYI, the Amazon Echo devices have a direct out 3.5mm jack for direct connection to your receiver or pre-amp.

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      This is probably not an original idea, but it is new to me, and is certainly unusual... Perhaps you could make a largish stationary directional indoor antenna using wire and locate it on the listening room floor under a large throw rug.
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        Well, I suspect that even with a large antenna it would be a noisy signal given that the station is so weak to begin with. They are in their fund drive now and I may call and tell them I would pledge if only I could receive them at home. I can usuallly get them in the car on the way to or from work. I think the only realistic chance I have is to try an internet capable tuner, which may not be optimum sound but should let me listen. Hell if the music and performance are good, a portable pocket radio can put a smile on my face. As my brother says, I listen to the nusic, not the sound.


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          I pledged for the local WHQR station and took the opportunity to talk to the agent about my reception difficulty, he was astounded and said he would pass it on, so maybe I will hear back from an engineer at the station. Meanwhile, I explore available radio tuners. Many must be missing chips and are not available now. There are a couple of more expensive Marantz NA players and tuners, and a few lless exppensive like
          Grace audio, but a lot are just not available. There's a Galaxy one that looks available and interesting.