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Vintage Style 3 Way Rebuild

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  • Vintage Style 3 Way Rebuild

    I have some old 3 way vented box speakers that are 30 years old.

    Is it possible to rebuild them them with new drivers and crossover?

    Woofer is 12" with 11" cutout
    Mid Range is 5" with 4" cutout
    Tweeter is 3" with 2" cutout
    Vent tube is 4" long, and closed with fabric
    Dimensions are 26"x14"x11"

    Or would the scrap heap be best?

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    It can be done, it's up to you if it's worth it. If it's a well made and attractive cab then it's worth considering.


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      Lots of people do it. It will be a bit of work, especially the crossover since you're a total noob May come down to the cabinets are worth saving, and you're willing to devote the effort.


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            this is what i got for pics. the front, and an interior photo of the cheap none existent crossover.

            got these dirt cheap 30ish years ago. the box itself is more particle board than what is used today.

            purpose of these is mostly music, tv and dvd sound is secondary.

            i don't have good options to try speakers in person anywhere near me, outside of Best Buy or 'boutique' audio places that have starting points in the four digits. and i'd rather not get wrapped up into the cycle of buying, 30 day testing, then returning, only to start the cycle over. i've tried bookshelf, too small and boxy sounding, floorstanding speakers I tried where dull and compressed sounding. Anything that sounds good, on youtube at least, requires speakers to be spaced away from the wall, which isn't a real option.

            After reading various older posts in this forum, and other forums, I was thinking of using the Dayton Audio DSA315-8 12" woofer, but not sure which mid or tweeter to match it up with. i'm guessing i could rebuild these speakers for like 4 to 5 hundred.


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              It might be worth a few minutes of your time looking at other similar efforts here and elsewhere, and deciding what fits your budget etc. If you find a project with a similar size box, especially the front baffle, your best bet will be to duplicate what you can: the choice of drivers, even the crossover and go from there. Well, unless you just want to wade right in and learn speaker design. I certainly won't discourage that! Do yourself a favor first though, and see what it takes to make a good crossover.


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                Nothing (intrinsically) wrong with PB. I STILL use it.

                If you have the ability to create a new baffle (which lets you change driver sizes, and positions) you'll have W-A-A-Y more options than if you need to just drop some drivers into pre-existing holes. Your internal volume is (probably) in the 1.6-1.7 cu.ft. range. If you tell us the I.D. and length of the port tube, we can tell you what frequency your box is tuned to.

                The DSA315 COULD work in that box, tuned to the mid 30s (a 3"id x 8" long port would be needed). That would reach down into the low 40s, which is all you need for most music.