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Can I swap transformers from a Martin Logan Grotto i to a Grotto? (Pics)

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  • Can I swap transformers from a Martin Logan Grotto i to a Grotto? (Pics)

    I posted several months ago in another forum about my Grotto's transformer that has a mechanical buzz that can be heard from across the room. The sub works fine its just distracting at times. I tired to isolate it as if it were a ground loop but ruled that out.
    My cousin has a Grotto i that no longer works and offered to give me the transformer in it which has the core filled and I believe also the rest of the windings are encapsulated which I suspect will take care of the mechanical hum. I pulled both out just now and the specs are almost identical except for a very slight deviation on a couple of the windings (within 1.5v and .5v respectively. If you look at the pics you can see what I mean. The plugs and the pin-outs are identical so it would be plug and play. The only thing being those slight voltage differences.

    Can anyone tell me if this will work or not? I don't want to plug it in if I'm just going to blow it up or damage the amp in some way.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    This first pic is the transformer from the Grotto.

    This is the Grotti i.

    Side by side..

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    Looks ok to me. The main secondary voltage is slightly lower, 48.5V vs 50V, so you shouldn't have any problem blowing up caps etc.


    • fpitas
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      I'm sure it will help. Sometimes toroids buzz because of DC on the powerline:

    • mirage_man
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      Only one way to find out at this point. I'll report back after I get it buttoned up and back in the system.

    • mirage_man
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      So I hooked everything up and it seems to be working just fine. The mechanical buzz is gone buy there is still some noise coming from the idle driver with no signal present. I assume it's just not filtered well enough. However, it's quiet enough that from a few feet away it's barely audible compared to the obvious and obnoxious buzz the old transformer produced.