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DATS v3 and Mac?

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  • JRT
    commented on 's reply
    Here is a link to Johnny Richards' thread on his self-contained Limp jig.

  • JRT
    I do not have a Mac, so this is not from direct experience. That said, I was curious and looked to see if Arta/Limp (instead of DATS) could be used on Mac, and found this on their website (here is the link):

    Notice for Linux and Mac OS X users
    • Arta can be used on computers with Linux and Mac OS X operating systems by using Windows emulator programs: Wine on Linux, and Crossover (version of Wine) on Mac.
    • First install Windows emulator program, then install ARTA software using regular ArtaSetupXXX.exe program.
    • Before starting ARTA, in Wine Configuration Dialog a) set default sound input and output devices and b) set frame of windows to have the Windows native look.

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  • mtmpenn
    started a topic DATS v3 and Mac?

    DATS v3 and Mac?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am planning some builds and I was thinking it would be a good idea to have the ability to measure and impedance curve to ensure crossover wiring/etc seems correct.

    It looks like DATS can do this, but from the PE website it seems that the software is Windows only.

    Has anyone used DATS with a Mac using parallels?

    Thank you,