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Zingers concept variant

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  • djg
    I'm not qualified to comment on your tweeters. I did build a pair of Zingers. To me, the bass response and power handling of the DVC subs is the reason to build these. Combined with the reasonable cost for performance.

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  • Drjay
    started a topic Zingers concept variant

    Zingers concept variant

    Hi Everybody,

    I was impressed with Wolf's Zingers at the 2019 InDIYana meet and thought that someday I would build a pair. Well, going through my "inventory" of stashed drivers yesterday I discovered that I had a pair of SD 215A-88DVC drivers. So, I'm half way there, but the Peerless DA25 BG tweeters are out of stock and won't be available any time soon. So, I do have a pair of Peerless XT25 BG60s on hand, which have an even lower Fs and about the same sensitivity and power handling. I know I'll have to work up a different crossover to use them, but I have had some success doing that recently and am ready to give it a shot. My question is, "Are there any reasons why this combination is a poor choice?" Wolf crossed the Zingers at 2K and I'm thinking I could probably cross at 1800 and get something that would sound quite good. I'm wanting to put my mediocre 8 inch Decaware clone build further in the rearview mirror with this project. Thoughts about the prospects for this project would be appreciated.