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    Hi all. Im running a system with a computer running jriver media center to a nad c510 pre-amp dac which does not have a sub output I have connected it to a sub in the past to subwoofers using the speaker wire connection option but the new svs sub i bought does not have them only rca inputs -Normally you would hook it up with a rca Y connector but I've got the nad dac hooked up to a power amp using xlr cables-do the rca's stll put out a signal when xlrs are being used or what are my options? any ideas? Thanks :-)
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    I believe connecting both output types simultaneously is considered a bad idea. A lot of amps will even have a specific switch to select between XLR or RCA. Unless the manual specifically states it can run both outputs simultaneously I wouldn't try it.


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      The best way to hook it up is with an electronic crossover. Your sub may have one built in. The manual should show how to connect it.The one thing you'd never do is to use a Y connector, as that would offer no protection to the mains. You wouldn't wire the DAC direct to the amp that powers the mains either, for the same reason, unless said amp has a high pass filter.


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        I have 2 of the 8" DSP subs. Run RCA or XLR from the DAC to the sub then on to the satellite amp. Kit is backordered, amp is in stock.


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          Schiit DAC, Outlaw Audio monoblocks, 8" DSP sub, XLR connections.

          Click image for larger version

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