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    Originally posted by DeZZar View Post

    Not at all.

    What often gets forgotten in terms of the costs to deliver a product for these companies is the fact that on top of the sum of the parts, they also have to cover:
    - staff wages
    - all sorts of insurances ranging from simply covering their own buildings/equipment through to workers compensation and professional indemnity
    - cost of operating a factory or multiple factories
    - cost of R&D (months and months or more potentially of creating prototypes and paying for staff/engineers to work on and test a design)
    - cost of setting up forms and jigs and other tooling for each specific model.
    - providing a warranty
    - packaging and shipping materials
    - cost of holding inventory
    - development of manuals and brochures
    - resourcing marketing (events, materials, sponsorships etc)
    - cost of operating a dealer network (even if they don't own the retail front, they still need to create, maintain and staff the functions that support retail sales)

    Most of these costs don't even register for DIY. So if you can get to nearly $14K by just counting some labor, tools and parts - imagine adding the rest and trying to turn a profit.
    For a class project, I ran the numbers for a high end loudspeaker startup and yes, if you don't have to live high on the hog, there is considerable money to be made.


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      Originally posted by Wolf View Post
      Our own PWR RYD did an experiment, and the P-Cores saturate a lot sooner than thought. I have no problem with them in a narrow band series notch, but definitely NOT in a woofer Lowpass. I'll go Erse I-Core or SuperQ if doing cored coils.
      When you (or anyone else) has the time, could you please link to that experiment, I'd like to read it.

      I could never figure out if the "soak" was a result of total-system wattage or inductor-DCR wattage or a particular temperature...and I'm unsure what the soaking actually causes as far as audio quirks. I should be able to learn all kinds of things.
      My first 2way build


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        Result of current flow through the coil.
        Apparently it was here:

        Hey, Craig- you ever take those measurements?

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