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Peerless 835025 DA25BG08-06 2 way

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  • Peerless 835025 DA25BG08-06 2 way

    Here's a project that came together quickly in simulation and purchase and slow in execution.. the PeePee's? Or the TymTym's? The drivers are both from Peerless/Tymphany, the 835025 woofer, and DA25BG08-06 tweeter. The woofers were a DOTD for ~$25, so I put a sim together to see if I could use them instead impulse buying them. It looked good with the DA25's I already had so they were ordered and received, probably the next afternoon

    The boxes were built long ago, the first "real" project I built "properly", Wayne J's Dayton Budget Project. The original drivers had been repurposed and the cabinets reused many times. Eventually I cut the original baffles off and made new ones, and they fit these new Peerless drivers, less than half a cubic foot internal volume, vented.

    At some point measurements were done and crossover components were ordered and assembled. Eventually I completed one cabinet and have been listening to it as my left computer speaker. It pairs very well with the right speaker, a very similar sized build with Dayton DA175 woofer (sealed) and Vifa/Peerless/Tymphany/DST/Scan Speak Discovery/Whatever other name they've used for the DX25 tweeter Today I finished the second speaker. I like them, the low end sounds like it goes a little deeper than the sealed DA175's, which I really like as well.

    Here are a few pictures:

    Yes it's butch, or distressed/antique looking:

    Click image for larger version

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    Here's a screenshot of a measurement with these drivers, it's definitely in room, I don't know what the crossover used in it is:

    Click image for larger version

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    Diagram of the crossover used, the harder to find .15uf caps were Erse I believe. The woofer is mislabeled, it should be 835025:

    Click image for larger version

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