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HDMI audio extractor?

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  • HDMI audio extractor?

    I want to connect a blu-ray player to my dac. The blu-ray player only has HDMI out and the dac only has optical coax and USB in.
    Is sound quality lost when extracting and converting HDMI to optical? Also can an audio extractor extract hd audio formats such as truehd and send it over optical to a dac? It would only be 2 channel audio if it makes any difference.

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    Are you trying to transfer DVD audio (only music) over to a hard drive? I'm posting more because I'm curious than because I have solutions. This doesn't answer your question, but there is a way to transfer DSD using an Oppo BDP-103 player and a PC.

    Also, I'm fairly sure TrueHD will only transfer via HDMI, it will not work with optical or coax.
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      No, not trying to transfer audio. I just can't find anything about how the audio is extracted and converted to optical. I would think it takes the bitstream and converts it to pcm or just strips the pcm signal if that is what the player is set to?


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        Optical or Coax definitely won't carry TrueHD or Master Audio. Most bluray video sources carry an alternate AC-3 5.1 track, PCM 2.0, or it will strip the DTS core from the Master Audio track. If you want lossless multichannel HD audio, you'll likely have to use an actual preamp with HDMI in that supports TrueHD Atmos. If you only care about 2ch, the PCM track (if available) will probably be your best bet.


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          I have one of these extractors- it just sends out the stereo stream to s/pdif toslink optical or coaxial. The main reason is the that DVD/Blu ray standard includes mandatory stereo PCM.

          it has no ability to decode any other format. Just extracts the stereo PCM and throws out the rest, hence the name “extractor”


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            Some pretty high-end AVR's ACTUALLY from Japan can pull the audio from Blu-Ray HDMI and send it to a TV monitor (from Japan) licensed to read Blu-Ray audio via optical. Welcome to the wonderful world of patent/copyright restrictions! US distributors/studios don't want you to be able to make an equal quality digital copy of anything you have already PAID FOR and OWN. The so called "Millennial Copyright Act". It's a legal can of worms intended to keep lawyers in court, and old books, music and movies out of the hands of the public. It's actually illegal to own any device that allows you to "decompile, over-ride, blah-blah-blah" the "copy-guards" on DVDs and Blu-rays and CDs and make a "perfect" digital copy. Remember when you vote, your Congressman and Senator received MILLIONS of dollars of "DONATIONS" to vote for the bill robbing you of a fundamental RIGHT under the US Constitution...