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LCR 2-way Crossover Design Help Needed

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  • Kornbread
    If you can take real .frd and .zma measurements of the finished speaker, more than likely someone here would be willing to take a shot at the crossover.

    As far as that goes, some here could sim the entire thing start to finish and be dead nuts on target.

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  • SubNRG
    started a topic LCR 2-way Crossover Design Help Needed

    LCR 2-way Crossover Design Help Needed

    Hello All.

    This my first real post here even though I've been in the audio game for a long, long while. I've built probably a thousand speaker enclosures (mostly car audio subwoofer systems) over the last 30+ years, but I haven't designed and built custom passive crossovers in at least 15 years. And even though I've been buying from PE on and off for many years, I just found out about this forum. Crazy, I know. In this new project, I intend to use the B&C 8FG51 with the DE250-8 and FaitalPRO STH100 waveguides for my LCR's in half cube ported enclosures tuned to 65Hz. My intention is to keep these enclosures fairly tight to the wall behind an AT fabric wall (<12" baffle to wall). A motorized drop-down AT screen will also be in front of the speakers most of the time. The system will be powered from an NAD receiver with DIRAC. I saw that Wolf had put together something very similar using the FaitalPro midbass, but these extend down a little more and may be a tad better sounding, so I'm pretty sure this is the route I'd like to go unless someone has another suggestion that is at a similar budget.

    The room is not a dedicated theater, but more like a media room. 17' wide by 13' deep and MLP is about 10.5-11' from the baffle. It has poured concrete walls, floor, and ceiling. I'm not really concerned about hitting reference levels, but I am concerned more with having a nice wide stage and (not) having a honky, harsh horn sound. From what I can tell this setup shouldn't be too bad as long as it's crossed over properly. Another thing I'm considering is if I should go with an MTM setup for the center channel. Unfortunately it would have to be a horizontal MTM because I also have a TV and a fireplace on that same wall sharing center space.

    I'd love to hear your suggestions, and if there are other data points I need to fill in, please let me know. Thanks in advance.