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OT: How useful is a bandsaw?

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    I have 2 bandsaws. One is junk, and one is a Craftsman that won't cut straight anymore. It did work for a while, and I found it was easy to cut PVC lengthwise on it using a v-groove jig. I cut off baffles with the table saw. I cut dowels and PVC to length on the 10" miter saw. I use my Ridgid jigsaw for curls and turns.

    I used a big bandsaw to resaw once, and it did the job, but it's the only time I've ever had to do that. I used one at a wood worker's club for a small fee.

    Is it useful? It can be.
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      Originally posted by TNA View Post
      Perhaps you should buy a bandsaw in order to find ways to use it. Call it "Research", it may be a good excuse to spend the money.
      Yes, I think this is what I will do. A bandsaw and drum sander are the two obvious things I am missing when I watch pro woodworking videos on YouTube.

      Originally posted by chrisn View Post
      I have a Ryobi 9" bandsaw, the one currently sold at home depot. It was free and still not a good value lol.
      That is great info, as that is the one I was likely to get.

      Originally posted by Liberator of Magic Smoke View Post
      I found a really good deal on a Rikon at Menard's one Black Friday. It's well built and easy to set up properly...There is very little plastic or thin metal on the Rikon.
      Menard's currently has a Rikon one on sale, I may go with it.

      Anybody have opinion on Wen bandsaws?


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        Only the 14" WEN is really worth bringing home unless you want a bandsaw "kit". One of the on-line woodworker magazines did an article (review?) of 10-12" bandsaws. The Rikon won, but the guy spent a MONTH working on the 10" WEN, replacing cheap Chinese bearings with *** bearings (much cheaper than Japanese), replacing the tires with urethanes, putting "Cool Blocks" and three premium blades (1/4" 3/8" and 1/2" wide the latter for re-sawing) and lots of hours adjusting, aligning and tuning and pronounced it very good and still less money (at the time) than the Rikon. Go to Amazoom then Wen 10" bandsaw and there's a link to the video comparison (or was 6 months ago). He showed the mods step-by-step, the how and why. Some at a woodworking show. He ripped about a half-dozen 9" saws apart as junque and a couple of other Chinese/ Vietnamese 10"s very rightfully. I don't think there's a 9" bandsaw made worth bringing home now. 25 (maybe 35!) years ago, Dremel made a really GOOD one for modelers (think RC airplanes or wooden ships) but it was EXPENSIVE and used on Fee-Pay they still go for $400+!