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  • Commercial center for Amigas

    Hi all,

    any suggestions for a commercial center channel speaker that would fit in with my diy Amigas? Room is about 200-300sqft. Amp is a Yamaha tsr-700 aka rx-v6a.

    many thanks!

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    Ideally budget is around $250. $350 max. Thanks.


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      Rather than try to find a retail product which sounds like the Amigas, why not have a look at some of Paul's designs such as the Swope centre channel?

      My understanding is that Mr Carmody's designs have a 'house sound' and the Swopes have been well reviewed. Of course, you'd have to make the cabinets and the crossovers.

      Just a suggestion



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        Originally posted by Geoff Millar View Post
        Of course, you'd have to make the cabinets and the crossovers.
        And that’s the problem. I’m quite happy with how the amigas turned out but won’t have time to diy it…

        thanks Geoff!


        • Geoff Millar
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          Or someone could make them for you, maybe ask the question here, specifying where you live.

          A retail speaker for your $$ may not sound that good beside your Amigas; although I haven't heard them, they have great reviews and Paul designed them to compete with four-figure commercial designs. Few retail designs use the RS180 or RS150, which is ideally what you'd want to have in your centre speaker. Here's an old DIY project which might give you some ideas, of course I have no idea what it sounds like:

 uses RS150 mids and a SEAS tweeter.


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        May I suggest the DIYSG Paul Carmody design S2000 MTM speaker kit. For about 150 dollars you get a component kit, birch flat pack and a custom PC board for the XO. You can literally build it in a day, if you start early to let the glue dry. I'm using three right now. Yamaha AVR. It may be small but it is 92 db efficient and has bass to meet a normal 80 hz AVR XO point. Gets loud too if you want.

        Now I am building three of the RS150 MTMs Geoff linked. Not because I need them, I just like building speakers.

        The S2000 is in stock according to the website. A rare thing these days. I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't think it would meet your needs. I downsized a few years ago from big towers and really don't miss them. The DIYSG S2000s are the easiest kits I ever built.

        Edit: I see a note that these are prepackaged in pairs, so it might not work for you. That note is from June, worth an email to query. The S2000 TM is available also, even cheaper, no note about pairs. If you can fit a 9" cab upright it might give you a visual symmetry to your Amigas.


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          Thank you very much Djg and Geoff. I’m quite set on commercial…


          • djg
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            Let us know how it turns out.

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          Off the shelf, the Pioneer C22 for $65 works fine in my living room of a little over 300 sq ft off of a Marantz 6006 receiver. I have it running with 2-way floorstanders (Dzurko Acoustics Phantoms) not dissimilar to the Amigas and it's fine ... it does nothing objectionable and for the money I would think that would qualify as fitting in. If you are up for a few minor modifications (no full on DIY or cabinet mods, just replace the tweeter and add a capacitor and a resistor for less than $25 from parts available here at PE) it can be made much better for way under your budget. A well respected gentleman by the name of Dennis Murphy has done numerous excellent mods turning inexpensive commercial speakers into very good sonically accurate speakers. For the C22 he has the very simple shortcut mod I just described and also one that essentially remakes the crossover with the same $15 tweeter for an even better speaker. Throw some 1/2" sonic barrier in the cabinet and even wrap it with some peel and stick veneer and it could even fit in visually - still for way under your budget. The link below takes you to someone who was looking for a center channel and was very happy with the most minor of modifications and provides links to all the modifications. Good luck in your search and do tell us how it goes!


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            This thread is in AVSforum speaker subforum, a forum for people who purchase speakers.

            Hi- I have a 3.1 set up and was using 3 Cambridge s30s. The speakers are great but using the s30 as a center channel is not. I went this route after some back and forth and through recommendations from this site/forum. The issues are two-fold: 1) if you site off center, the sound-...