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Refurbishing "Vintage" Polk Bookshelf Speakers

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  • djg
    If the drivers are in good shape why not just redo just the crossovers with beefier components?

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  • Steve Lee
    I don't understand the Lpad on the woofers to ground - looks like the reason the original resisters burned up?

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  • Refurbishing "Vintage" Polk Bookshelf Speakers

    Hi Everyone,
    Last weekend I was given a pair of Polk RT55s with fried XOs (the resistors were in many pieces and XO scorched) and am going to rebuild them for one of my kids. I'm thinking about using two FaitalPRO 6FE100 and a Peerless BC25TG15-04. I have a few questions, as this is my first attempt at refurbishing speakers.

    The front baffle on the Polk was designed for 155mm wide truncated woofers, which is about 12mm smaller than the Faitals. I assume Polk did this on purpose. So, I think I can make a new baffle to replace the plastic one that is there now and affix it to the old one. What do you all think will be the ultimate effect on the sound if I do this? Will it cause horrible resonances? Will it just sound weird? My plan is to sand and then affix with Titebond III the pieces.

    Next, how does this new XO look? (I'm using VituixCAD for modeling.) I realize it's simple and I didn't update the wattage on the resistors, but am planning on using 20W since they aren't that expensive.

    Thanks in advance.

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Name:	PolkRT55-XO-schemA.png
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Name:	PolkRT55-XO-SixPack.png
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