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Do old 78 rpm records have any value?

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    The Visigoths are destroying our movie heritage at an average rate of 1000 miles a day too. SONY/BMG are actively destroying old movies that "don't make money". Yes, many are "B-movie" turkey 6-reelers (hour long films) that could be described as wastes of film to begin with, but many are also the first appearances of major actors on film. At least make a cheap "bounce" to DVD of them before they are burned. That can be done with used TV station equipment for under $300. The Library of Congress says less than 1% of silent films are still extant including "masterpieces" by DeMille and Hitchcock that were sold-out for weeks in major cities in the mid 1920's. Hitchcock's "The Broken Window"(1925) was his greatest silent film and maybe his best mystery EVER and it's GONE. It was in Two-Colour Technicolor Process on safety film and there is no reason it shouldn't have been preserved.

    When I was a little boy, at night, I'd tune our Zenith radio into Mexican and Cuban radio stations and listen to the smooth-style Latin music. Finding that style of music today is harder than finding a fryer with molars! Even Hollywood is having difficulties with "period" music for their movies and clips of TV shows for '50's and '60's era movies. The "dragon" has consumed it's own tail...


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      If this sort of destruction was being wrought on paintings, sculpture, books and physical cultural artifacts, etc there would be a justifiable outcry; in some cases, such as destruction of our Aboriginal heritage, it would be illegal.