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VituixCAD and WinPCD for Mac?

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  • VituixCAD and WinPCD for Mac?

    Is there any programs that are similar to VituixCAD and WinPCD for Mac? If not are there any solutions? Thanks.

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    Could you perhaps delete your other duplicate post?

    If you can run excel spreadsheets you can use the software on this page for box modelling, crossover design and simulation as well as response blending and diffraction modelling.

    You should also be able to run uni box for enclosure simulation

    Unfortunately there are no Mac specific applications that I am aware of.
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      I use VirtualBox on my Mac to run Windows. I have a shared folder between the two OSes so all the project files and data are kept separate from the VM. That way I can delete the Windows install and only need to reinstall VituixCAD and WinISD - all my projects are still saved.