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3/4 Way DSP Crossover solutions? . . .

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  • 3/4 Way DSP Crossover solutions? . . .


    Have any of you yet found a decent quality/flexible/programmable DSP crossover solution?

    I really am focused upon a stereo 3/4 way set-up and have the amps for this in a stereo 3 way but am trying to avoid all the A/D - D/A conversions.

    The PE/Wondom stuff is geared towards 2 way stereo crossovers with undisclosed bit rate/resolution specs and the Mini DSP stuff that has USB/Digital audio-in is two way as well so how do I send USB audio-in to 2 of those boards in parallel and keep the clocks sync'd?

    Do I put them on a USB hub and hope for the best?

    I am really looking at a minimum of a 16 bit/48Khz CD quality solution but would prefer a 24 bit/96Khz setup as that matches the resolution of my drums and contributing musicians.

    Nothing out there seems to be geared towards us in the DIY community seeking a 3/4way solution and there are too many A/D-/D/A conversions in the process instead of taking digital USB audio and running it through a DSP chip/programming and out to decent quality D/A to the amps/line-outs.

    Getting a little frustrated here.

    Can anyone help?


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    Constructions: Dayton+SB 2-Way v1 | Dayton+SB 2-Way v2 | Fabios (SB Monitors)
    Refurbs: KLH 2 | Rega Ela Mk1


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    I built a 4 way stereo (8 channel) DSP crossover using a Minidsp Nanodigi plus four Khadas Toneboard Dacs run off a Anker USB power supply. Only issue is it only has digital inputs so I added a Behringer Ultramatch that has A/D conversion and also digital upscaling (£40 off eBay). If I were to do it now I could use four Smsl Sanskrit 10th mk2 or Topping E30 but the Khadas is still a good choice if mounting it in your own box.

    Details here -


    • Steve Lee
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      I am looking for a 3/4 stereo output crossover solution with USB audio input with additional 2 channel RCA analogue ins.

      This is for a stereo 3/4 way speaker setup dedicated to audio from a music studio.

      SPDIF and Optical are not available nor desired.

      I thank you for your suggestions, though.

    • Ugg10
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      I added the Xmos208 board (into the coax port) for USB input (Nanodigi does not support usb streaming, just programming) and the Behringer Ultramatch 2496 for analogue input (into optical port) so my combo does what you need but in multiple boxes and a bit of DIY.

    • Steve Lee
      Steve Lee commented
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      Your technical efforts are admirable but I am trying to keep this a lot more simplistic as I need this setup for developing additional speakers/monitors.

      Thanks for the favor of your replies - keep your idea's coming as I am not alone in my objective.

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    I do not think that this whole DSP Crossover technology has matured sufficiently for my needs at this point.

    I thank you guys most graciously for your contributions but I still have to complete the speaker cabinet builds before I have to actually select and employ a USB-audio solution.

    For now, I shall continue my builds and hope the industry catches up to us.

    Thanks again - off to bed . . .



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      DeZZar & UGG - I have checked out your suggested solutions/links and find that the MiniDSP stuff is all out of production/not available/no longer supported and that UGG's USB convertor only has one SPDIF output while I need 2 in order to drive 2, 4-way DSP units.

      It seems that this ^ stuff is geared to home theater solutions and with the supply chain issues from over-seas and limited chip-set availability that our hobby is headed for a drought/demise in all respects and a lot of audio-businesses are going to fail shortly as a result.

      At this point I have drivers galore and sufficient amps but lack either DSP crossovers or Passive XO components to complete the builds I have envisioned.

      ASIDE - I had ordered some tweeters recently that had truncated face-plates on-sale and what got delivered was a round face-plate set of tweeters with separately packaged truncated face-plates, instead (Not complete factory made units). AND - No packing slip enclosed this time . . .

      Now I have to dismantle the factory tweeters and install the additional face-plates - doesn't this void the warranty? (No offense to the supplier - I'm just pointing out facts/information concerning the supply chain status).

      What does this say to us?
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        Remember that old cliche' - "When my Ship Comes In"?

        They said that stuff for a reason . . .


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          You know, I whined about nobody making a 2.1 chipamp with proper bass management, and it was the Dayton DSP sub amps I really needed. Now my PC sound is hundreds of watts with balanced interconnects and total bass management. Better than any chipamp I can conceive of.

          Don't give up.


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            OK - with renewed vigor I explored the data offered here again and found out what I didn't understand and have found a solution - not exactly what was suggested but the concepts are identical - I would post links but every time I do the mods here delete them even though they don't offer the same products.

            Thanks DeZZar, UGG & djg!!


            • DeZZar
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              Sweet! Glad you found an option - let us know how it turns out!

            • djg
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              I've found you can mention the product without actually linking the other source.

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            You can't leave us in suspense....what is your solution?
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              OK, its mini Dsp 4x10 HD and a USB > TOSlink/Optical converter. (High resolution XMOS based dongle).

              The big benefit to TOSlink is that it is optically isolated from the signal source so ground loops and source audio signal noise is eliminated.

              (OK, so now before I am ready to buy, everyone will jump on it and wipe out the remaining supplies . . .) Hahahahaha!


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                Don't worry about me. I bought that setup a few years ago. I'm quite happy with it.


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                  That's great feedback - Thanks.


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                    The 4x10HD is good but how come they never updated it for such a long time. Or did they; and then stop making it?

                    I’m talking about one with the miniSharc all in one with FIR filters; analog or digital or USB in and 4 outputs plus Dirac built in?


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                      Page 2 of the current user manual indicates an update in Feb of 2021.