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thinking of a cool 3d printed project....

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  • thinking of a cool 3d printed project....

    folk, i've been wanting to either have a ghettoblaster/boombox for a while and finally stumbled across an actual model that somebody has done (i paid for it) of a Sharp GF-6565h one. Even though i have the mesh surface of this, there is still a bit of CAD work i need to do to make it work for what i want, but quite happy i have this as a base.

    So ideas for this has been a bit all over the shop, but here goes.

    * stereo setup, using the viston W130 4x2, with a matched tweeter, powered by either a DA or Sure 2x50w BT amp (cant remember which one i actually own)
    * 2.1ch setup, 2x full range, maybe peerless or ND65's, with a rear firing 6 inch sub, which was has the two peerless PR's at the front. Not sure the amp combo yet.
    * not sure, suggestings that dont cost the world.

    I'm avoiding tang bang, but not because there is anything wrong with them, just they cost a forture to ship to where i'm at.

    This design may be fluid and heavily dictated by cashflow and me being driven too much research, but would be cool to have some of the knobs functioning and potentially the on/off switch coming from the play button etc...

    i'd say for this to work, its going to be a long project as first thought will need to go into the design, then best way to print something that is 475mm long, 245mm high and 129mm deep. Also if i want to turn this into a RPI project....

    be keen to hear any thoughts on this as it is really going to test my skill set.
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    Very ambitious!

    I say lay-in a good supply of material and take your time and just go for it.

    You also might want to think about using coaxial speakers for simplicity of design?

    Please keep us posted - you have some interesting ideas and obvious skills that we enjoy seeing . . .


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      Why not just get an old blaster off eBay or something and gut it and replace all the internals?


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        Originally posted by DeZZar View Post
        Why not just get an old blaster off eBay or something and gut it and replace all the internals?
        `i looked at a couple of old sharp and hitachi and broken they still wanted 200 aud...these things like old 80's, 90's cars seem to have jumped up in value


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          If you're looking for a cheap-ish option, the volume looks about right for a pair of Dayton TCP115-4 's in ported configuration. It would hit ~60Hz and go reasonably loud. (I estimated 8-10 litres internal volume.)


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            Or a single HiVi B4N, if you don't mind only having a single bass driver in there


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              Currently picked up a second hand tevo little monster, so looking like I can print these pieces in one go potentially. Just troubleshooting a few things the seller didn't mention.

              I have a pair of the w130 from another project I'm a little slow in doing, could just couple them with a nice tweeter.

              I think this one will be a slow design/build process as I'm having to redo the cad to suit what I want, which is fine, just need to be in the right mindset.


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                I completely understand that ^ last part.


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                  Millstonemike , just thinking back to previous posts we've had around using a 5S battery setup for these boomboxes, made me wonder if you've had any experience running multiple devices simulaneously off the LBB series? I'm thinking of not only running a 2x50 amp, but a raspberry PI and Touch screen (5v requirement), which im still trying to figure out in my head how it all works as i recall the RPI's dont like being shutdown in a certain way without corrupting the SD card.


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                    tomzarbo hey mate, how did you go in the end with all those 12v headunits for cars and VU meters? reckon a cheap head deck could work with a separate amp?