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Buying a d amp, but which ?

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  • Buying a d amp, but which ?


    Right now i have pioneer A-307R stereo amplifier and some old hitachi speakers. I like how the system sounds. The only problem is, this amplifier is turned on 24/7 since i use it most of the time. This amplifier has an insane 30-35W of idle power consumption. In the summer it is like having a little oven on the table next to my keyboard. I would like to replace this amplifier with something a little more friendly as far as idle power draw goes. Qualitywise i would like it to match this cheap amplifier i have, i am not an audiophile. Budget is, i dont know, 100$ ? It would be cool to have a big knob for volume, knobs for bass/treble or balance are a bonus but not totaly necesary. It can have only 1 input source, but 2 are a bonus. My speakers are 30W/50W. Some cheap bluetooth amps on aliexpress can be had for as low as 5$ but i would like something tested and proven to be ok.

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    Get this -->

    I have 2 of them - very flexible, run cool, sound great and are configurable as needed with or without a sub-woofer.

    On sale right now too . . .


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      I don't have experience with this exact amp, but I have two 2.1 amps of this brand I am happy with. Not sold by PE, easily found at the usual place. Tone knobs, "big" volume knob. Balance control is almost extinct these days. 100 watts/ch. of chipamp power TPA3116D2 chips.Under your budget.

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        Steve's suggestion is a good one. I've sent this amp and a set of Bantam speakers to two of my coworkers and 2 plus years in with nearly daily use, its still running fine.

        A thing of beauty if you ask me too. If you ever want a sub its ready for it, if not, just don't hook one up, no harm. Two inputs plus bluetooth too.

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          The Parts Express 2.1 unit is a good unit. I purchased one and I like it. Nice features at a nice price, and the separate subwoofer channel does come in handy.

          If you're looking for more power in a really basic amp format, have a look for the Aiyima A07 amplifier. It's basic amplifier, no BT or anything like that. What it does have is power. A lot of power, Even more power if you replace the PSU for a better one. Got high marks at Audio Science Review as well. I might end up picking up one of those.
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            If you do buy any little chipamp, do yourself a favor and use banana plugs on the speaker wires at the amp. The speaker outputs are crowded, a real setup for shorting the terminals with a bare wire sideways through the binding posts.


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              So, poking around the big Bezos site, I found a TDA 7498E chipped 160W/ch 32V DC input chipamp with the same knob layout as the first one I posted, with multiple modes of input inc BT, USB and more, under your budget. Has a sub out too (powered sub).

              The Dayton amp others mention is fine. PE will stand behind it in case of problems. I have looked at it but bought something else twice. I just think the controls are a bit odd compared to other products in the market.

              I am very loyal to PE. I have spent thousands of dollars here. I always look here first for any HiFi products.


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                If you're frugal and a little DIY get a cheap power supply and some little piggies to go with amp board Part # 320-635. This is more or less the board Steve Lee posted, just a lot cheaper and no frills. I love mine. I'm having trouble linking it from my phone.


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                It has a physical switch on the board to turn the 150 Hz on or off. At least the one that I have. I e turned it off. The subwoofer low pass crossover knob is separate from the switch and will work either way


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                  I did not know that. Thank you. I know PE uses that board in some of their boombox kits.

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                Im into DIY, so a board like that would be perfect, i can make casing for it if needed. The problem is that if i order anything on parts express i pay like 100 bucks shipping, which alone is over my budget. Like i said, i have a bunch of cheap aliexpress bluetooth amps with 3116 ... but thats just the name of the chip. It says nothing of the overal quality of the board, if other components are bad and will make it sound terrible. Thats why i am still in favor of buying a box with a brand on it and a model. One that has been tested and proven to be decent. Something like this maybe ?
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                  Have you implemented any of these boards? May work just fine.

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                Of that bunch, the SMSL SA50. I had 2 of them , now one. Traded one away. Widely available. Only has one of your desired features, a big volume knob. Surely some supplier in the world can sell you one with less than $100 shipping.

                Otherwise one of the Nobsound items I mentioned would be my choice.

                You do want something that is good quality and will last?


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                  If you can build it yourself, 3e Audio TPA3255
                  You can find quite a few reviews at
                  One of the better implementations of the chip and better than TPA3116

                  3e Audio website's ordering links to AliExpress. Add SMPS power supply, chassis, etc.


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                    Another vote for the Aiyima A07. I use it at the office. Solid performer for the price.