I have asked this in several other places, but maybe someone here will have something to add...
As you probably understand, their are a LOT more Hybrid and even all electric vehicles coming out all the time. This poses a problem. These vehicles do not use an "alternator" but rather, and "inverter" which takes juice from the big, high voltage traction battery, and converts it to 12V, for the accessories battery. Problem is, so far, NO manufacturer expects anyone to pull very much juice from the 12V battery. Certainly not what a lot of folks would like to draw, for a strong SQL stereo system :(

So, I have a 2019 Prius LE, which Toyota will tell you, has "only" a 30 amp maximum draw. While trying to build an aftermarket system, I ran into a guy who owned a stereo shop, and had actually put in a system in his wifes 2019 Prius LE (same exact model as mine) He actually put a in few bigger, and bigger amps, just to see what it would take :O Crazy if you ask me, but better him than me lol So he said it could handle about 90 or 100 amps all day long, but anything much over that, it would pop up a warning message that read, "Electrical error". So he ended up putting in an amp that was fused for 100 amps, but only typically drew 40 or 50 max. Zero problems after that. Based on his info, I did pretty much exactly the same, and I have not had any problems either.

The thing is though, this ^ was "my car". Now, my GF wants me to put a decent little SQ system in her brand new (she's waiting for it to be built now) Ford Maverick Hybrid. For both cost, and ease, I am really just about sold on the Kicker Key amps with built in, auto adjusting DSP's... both the 4 ch for her mids / highs, and the mono amp, for a nice little 8" or 10" sub. The total fuse rating for both of these is 80 amps. Now, I'm not asking anyone to tell me that this will be okay (because of the whole liability thing) but I think it will be. Only a little more paranoid, because its my GF's brand spanking new vehicle !

But all of this talk ^ is just for a couple of modest little daily driver systems. What the heck is going to happen to STRONG SQL systems (or even SPL, if that's your thing) as all cars end up being Hybrids and all electrics ??? Is somebody going to start making stronger, aftermarket inverters ? I mean these big high voltage traction batteries are WAY capable of powering a ridiculous stereo system. It's just a matter of converting enough of that juice to 12V's.... Hmmm.

Your thoughts ??? Thank you.