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speaker box build help!!!

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  • speaker box build help!!!

    Hello I recently bought (2) skar-sdr 10s to put in the back of my 05 Ford ranger 2dr super cab, I’m trying to figure out what size box I should go with to get the Max performance put these subs. Let me know what size and spec box you guys would use please !

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    Start here:


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      Skar provides box recommendations on their website:

      Did you get dual 2 or dual 4? What is your definition of “max performance”? (Best SQ, spl at a higher frequency?, as low as they can play?, etc.


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        If memory serves, my SDR measured pretty close to spec. Their recommended box sizes are pretty good and yield the expected in-car response. You can download a program called WinISD and model different size boxes with the driver's T/S parameters to see the speaker's response. I used an SDR-12 for a friends home theater subwoofer with my own box specs (that weren't too far off from the MFG suggested specs) and it's a little ripper. He was floored.