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12inch waveguide for Ewave style build

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  • 12inch waveguide for Ewave style build

    Hi Guys,

    After a look around, realized that with Seos 12 not really available, there doesn't seem to be much options for a 1 inch waveguide to go with a 12in ewave style build?

    Following are the usual suspects. My hesitation with them is due to the significant depth of the WG vs the Seos 12, which affects the time alignment and also width of coverage - prefer wider.

    Appreciate thoughts and feedback!


    Faital LTH 142
    18sound XT1086
    PI speaker H290C

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    My favorite of those is the H290C. Good polars and flat frequency response. As I recall it has about the same coverage as the SEOS 12.

    Unless you only listen to rock, do yourself a favor and avoid titanium diaphragm drivers.

    /Pet peeve


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    This is I believe, a copy of the Pyle horn used in the standard econowave. I built a pair, sounded good to me. You'd have to say this is an "econowave style" component.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	econo parts.jpg Views:	0 Size:	87.8 KB ID:	1479477


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      Ah, forgot about that dayton. The CD will likely be the tymphany DFM 2535, or maybe one of new PEEK ones from SB audience.

      Any problems with using ans adapter to fit the screw thread Dayton horn?

      Really miss the PRV and B52 clones of that nice QSC wg, that really worked well with the Tymphany..


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        An often ignored, but very good sounding CD is the JBL 2426, which is often available used for about $150. When I use them I replace the diaphragm with the Radian aluminum version. It has a screw-on flange that you can remove, and then it fits screw thread horn flanges.


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          Francis, what horn did you use, and where did you crossover, assuming home usage? Glenn.

        • fpitas
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          I'm using TAD TD2002s on a modified Altec 511. A friend has JBL 2426s on the same type of horn. We both cross @ 800Hz LR4.