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Latest Project: quad RSS315HE-22 for HT

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  • Latest Project: quad RSS315HE-22 for HT

    Happy Holidays!

    I finally have my workshop set up again after a move from Minnesota to Wisconsin over the summer. It was rough not being able to build anything for 6 months, but now it’s time to kick off the next project… four of the new RSS315HEs in sealed boxes mounted behind an acoustically transparent theater screen. Right now I have them powered by a Dayton APA1200DSP just breaking in free air sitting behind the couch.

    my initial impressions are that these subwoofers are built like tanks and are beautiful to look at too. It’s almost a shame to hide them behind a screen. The APA1200 is a super cool little amplifier, but I’m a bit concerned it’s underpowered for the task at hand. We’ll see once I get these mounted in a box.

    more photos and updates to come!


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    Ooohhh… shnazzy! 😃

    Got an idea what you will be doing for enclosures and tuning?


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      Currently the plan is to house them in two boxes, about 2 cubes each in a sealed configuration. The boxes will be installed between the studs of the front wall on each side of the center channel speaker. I’ll give up a little on the low end vs. ported, but should be able to prop it back up with DSP.

      I should be making dust today, so I’ll post updates shortly.




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        A thousand bucks in bass drivers...


        You've got your priorities in good order sir.

        We needed a cool build like this to look at... please keep the pics coming, I'd love to see your progress!

        Zarbo Audio Projects Youtube Channel: * 320-641 Amp Review Youtube: *Veneering curves, seams, using heat-lock iron on method *Trimming veneer & tips *Curved Sides glue-up video
        *Part 2 *Gluing multiple curved laminations of HDF


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          Well, I was pretty excited to kick off the first project in the new shop, but there were some bumps along the way! I was planning to brad nail the cabinets as I was assembling, but before I put in the first nail, my air hose suddenly got a hole. I decided to screw them while assembling… after throwing away 3 bottles of glue that had hardened, I found one bottle that was still good. Then lastly, my dust hose fell off the table saw at some point in the project, and sprayed a ton of MDF dust onto my wife’s car haha!

          The cabs are pretty simple with 3/4” MDF exterior and a 1/2” layer on the interior. The primary purpose of this inside layer is to act as a positive stop for the baffle 3” deep into the cabinet. This will keep the subs back from the screen, and allow access from the front to bolt the cabs to the studs on both sides. You may notice some of the MDF has some paint overspray. I took this chance to use up some old MDF that i sprayed some speaker grills on previously.

          I expect that I’ll wrap these up and get them installed tomorrow.




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            Quick update. I got the subs installed yesterday. With drivers the cabinets are over 100lbs, so I built some supports and mounted them to the surrounding studs first. This also made install much easier, as I was able to hoist them up on the supports and then just slide them into place. Once slid into place, I secured them to the studs with 6 lag screws each.

            We tested them with Ready Player One and the output was pretty impressive. I think it’s pushing the limits of the APA12000 a bit, as I had to turn the sun trim up on my processor and have the amp set at 90+% volume to match the other speakers. I’m going to try them out with some Behringer nx6000s to see if I notice a big difference in performance when they’re fed considerably more power.

            The web interface on the APA is awesome though. It’s great to be able to make quick tweaks from your phone, or change volume for the subs mid-movie.

            Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the front of the installation before I put the screen back up.