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    Folks, having some issues at the moment getting the bigger 3d printer running, which means my main project is delayed. So in the meantime i decided to print the larger downward firing can which will run 3x 18350 batteries, a 12v Class D\BT amp and a Dayton Audio ND65-4.

    The internal volume is slightly more than the 0.02cuft i've assumed as there is some loss of space due to the components, but should be good enough. I've gone with a tuning of F3 of 80hz, which in the F6's "should get" in the 60's. I did stuff up the vent length as this entire project is a scaled up version of the smaller can's, which ended up being a diameter of 11.6mm and a length 102mm and not the 79 suggested by winisd.

    I've used the last boozetooth for scale, which is just taller than a 500ml can, so you can see this one is no longer really a can, unless you can get big tins stateside

    I dont really know how to wire up one of the 3S BMS's yet, but was thinking about this back in the smaller attempted can, but not 100% confident in the wiring as last time i used one of these no namers i couldnt get them to stay charged (well it was 18 months ago and different stock).

    anyway not a conviential build, but something to do over the school holidays.
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    Looks like fun!
    I don't know... I realize the can is now a bunch bigger, than a normal can, but it still LOOKS like a can in its form and shape, so I still think you're good.
    Besides, I've seen some "monster" type drinks in cans even bigger than that I believe.

    Should actually sound pretty good too! They don't have a bad sounding top end at all and you're digging down to the 80 Hz range... that's totally fine, especially for a can style bluetooth speaker.


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      Yeah lol, I've just wondered if I scaled up one to fit a butchered surround nd65 what would it look like I thought the nd65 as we All know if doesn't actually measure 65mm (as it is the external frame) and it plays decent lower. This one the hardest part will be the paint/prep and soldering up the BMS as the amp powers on from the pot and the rest is screw terminals
      this is all hot off the presses, so just sitting there and no prep work at all done
      as I have these on a shelf when not being used and have the other two, then this one, that I'm half tempted to try my original 375ml with either a tebm35 or a bf37 to close out the obsession/look.
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        Just something different I thought I'd bring out... redesigned bigger and to house a Dayton audio CE65 W I had sitting around. Originally going to use that no name peerless one from Ali, but decided to use this Chucky 2.5 inch driver.

        Last time I tried using a DMA45, but was disappointed with the sound when pushed, so hoping this one sounds better.
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