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New Two-Way to Follow up the TriTrix

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  • New Two-Way to Follow up the TriTrix

    After being out of this for a good awhile (a decade or so honestly) due to moves, career changes, and just life in general I'd like to get back into this hobby a bit more by following up my first build and daily TriTrix mains. I had the MT version built out of solid cherry with a bit of variation in that they are bit wider and have front mounted port (wanted to do my own thing). They look great and to this day I’m amazed at how they sound for a budget design and my first build.

    I use the TriTrix for literally everything from music, movies, podcasts, ect and now that I’m working from home literally just about everyday. I really like everything the TriTrix does and how its voiced but in terms of what I’m looking for in something new would be mostly a bit more detail and resolution, extension, and power handling. I listen to mostly new contemporary pop, rock, and electronic, and even what I grew up with is from the late 90’s and 00’s so that means modern production values.

    I have also built Curt’s Singularity’s which until now never really had the room for so I'll be working these into the living room as well. I also have finished cabinets for Roman Bednarek’s Microbe SE which I still intend to finish and use as nearfield monitors.

    I’m still looking at various kits, and designs (some of which are still around from 2012) and I have a bit more disposable income now then when I left the hobby but found the Aria RS150 + Vifa XT25SC90-04 two-way by tyger23, sexy drivers and I’ve heard that tweeter before. Would this be a progressive step up design to hit my goals of a bit more resolution and power handling (some of tracks I listen to have bass that push TriTrix past their limit at moderate volumes)? Also, It looks like there is a 4 ohm and 8 ohm version of the Aria and it looks like parts are available for both (so either should be viable???) any reason to go with one or other?

    Sorry for all the words but I’ve been out for awhile and even when I was involved I never had the time or resources to do what I wanted so this is a bit of reintroduction of sorts for me. Long story short, I’d like to follow up the TriTrix with similar sized two-way with a bit more resolution capability and power handling. Thoughts on the Aria or other suggestions?
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    The RS150 is an upgrade over the DC130, all else being equal. If your DC130's are running out of oomph, maybe look into something with a 6-7" woofer or multiple woofers like these: You could build this in a smaller cabinet


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      I guess they are basically the same size even though the RS150 is classified as 6" and the DC130 5.25? Still the RS150 has quite a bit more xmax and the motor is more advanced than the DC130 so I'm assuming its quite a bit more controlled when pushed harder and just more capable overall.

      I don't listen particularly loud and I'm not a bass head. Its not often run into limits with the TriTrix but tracks like Maggie Rogers Alaska give the TriTrix a hard time so it occasionally happens. I'm fine with the extension of the TriTrix,but would like to have a bit more ability when I do listen louder.


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        Paul Carmody design Speedsters if no subwoofer.

        Jeff Bagby Continuum II or Viva Voce if you have a subwoofer.

        If you want to go bigger, I guarantee satisfaction with the Zaph SR71, with a 7" Seas woofer and Seas fabric dome tweeter. You could forego a sub with these for most music.

        There are new small subs from PE that I believe will spawn 2 way designs. Right now forum member SilverD has a monitor design with the smaller sub, but it has active XO.

        I have built the Continuum and SR71. I never heard Tyger's design, but I do have MTMs with the RS150 and they sound very good. Personally, I have a small subwoofer in my PC sound system.

        All these designs have component kits.

        Edit: Jeff Bagby designed three TMs using 4", 5.25" and 6.5" SB Acoustics woofers. I built the Sopranos, the 4" size. Excellent performer. The late Jeff Bagby waxed ecstatic over the 5.25" Piccolo in his writeup. I believe him. Satisfying for 95% of music, he wrote.

        Edit: Curt Campbell/Jim Holtz Micro Statements and Finalist Monitors, 5.25" woofer.
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            These look interesting but I don't know much about them, kit available.(The stereo pair).



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              I have not heard the TriTrix speakers and realize budget drivers can sound good, but...there are SOOO many designs over the last 10 years to choose from. I know you said you were looking for a similar sized two-way, but what is the maximum size you can live with? What is your budget?


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                Yeah, i keep remembering designs and editing my posts.

                I had a 5.1 Tritrix HT years ago. They sounded very nice.

              • Geoff Millar
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                We have Tritrix MTMs (vented version) and Curt's "Slapshot" MTMs; the first sound good, the second, great. They used to be sold as a kit by a Canadian company, but according to another PETT member, they may not be around although their website is active. I know the OP isn't after an MTM but the Slapshots have higher output and better bass than the Tritrix; given the OP likes Curt's designs, worth an optic?


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              I'm planning to build these next spring, but I'm not concerned with bass extension. The link leads to other Scott Sehlin designs also.



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                The RS150 MT in this thread is the MT version of the RS150MTMs I built. Long thread on the design if you want to dig through it.



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                  Yeah, I know there are a lot really good designs out there and the TriTrix are ultra budget. I wasn't much out of high school when I built those and I really didn't have much in the way of expectations and I didn't really know what I was doing finish wise but they sounded better than they thought they would and the finished speaker ended up looking really nice so honestly I’ve been happy to live with them. That and I always wanted to sorta progress up the ladder in terms of size and SQ but life got in the way but now I can pick it back up so I’m looking for the next step, not necessarily the speaker that will do everything I’m looking for. I enjoy the process of building things and I look at this as a creative outlet as the artistic gene skipped me. So given the opportunity I’d like to build several others past this if for nothing else than seeing the design come together (of course I care about the sound as well).

                  I look at speakers like the Continuum, SR71, Speedsters as being sorta end game designs for me, at least for where I am now. For right now though I’d like to do a 5” – 6” two-way, that’s more capable than the TriTrix, those are really my only expectations and requirements. A friend of mine who works in the industry did a build with a one of the Vifa ring radiator tweeters and I think Peerless woofer and I really liked the sound of that so when I saw the Aria that caught my eye (also just straight up sexy drivers IMHO). That said the Piccolos look like contenders as do the Keramiskas, I didn’t really look a ton at Meniscus’s kits so I will add those to the list. On the Keramiskas I think Madisound has a SB factory kit that uses that same ceramic woofer and matching tweeter (also, sexy AF) so I was kinda looking at that too.

                  I don't have a ton of room to play with so Continuum, SR71, Amiga are probably about as big I could fit. The TriTrix are on stands about 1' away from the wall, I could get a sub in the picture and I think the location would be pretty good. Below is a horrible paint drawing of my living area, and configuration. To the right of all this is the stairs that lead up stairs and semi open wall that leads into the kitchen, so its relatively open area but small floorplan. Its got enough stuff going on to break up reflections and what not but I'm sure it would benefit from some dedicated effort into sound treatment so my thought was to do that before building anything high-end (Continuum, SR71, Speedster, ect.).
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                    Continuum IIs are well suited to near wall placement. Not up against it but near. They are lovely speakers especially if you get a sub.

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                  A black baffle would help deuglyfy these. The Dayton ND series are good performers.Far from an "end game" design, quite inexpensive.Also near wall friendly.



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                      Originally posted by djg View Post
                      I have built a little TM with the RS150 and XT25 designed by Javad Shadzi and it sounds great, with good bass, imaging and smooth frequency response.
                      That said, I am certain that the SB drivers are higher quality than the RS drivers, and any Jeff Bagby design is sure to be tops.
                      If you have the budget, build the Piccolo kit.

                      Also, I have not heard the Keramiskas, but I have heard glowing reports from a number of people that it is an exceptional design.

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                        Or the Mandolin for a larger woofer.

                        Of course, if you want more extension, my Zingers are also an option. My Nephila fit in a cab the size of the Amiga, just have an extended front baffle, for another option.

                        Welcome back!
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                          Give a look at the Helix mt at diysoundgroup too. Another Jeff Bagby design with an sb tweeter, and a custom woofer. Wolf, I may build your Nephila design someday, as all of my current speakers are domes or cd/ horns. I've found myself going back to look at that one many times. Glenn.