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Something small and something random (CE65-W Build)

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  • Something small and something random (CE65-W Build)

    Just something little and easy to start off the New Year, one little Bluetooth Dome 3D printed setup, which can remain in its raw form as i dont feel like painting this one. I've been sitting on a pair of these 2.5 inch DA CE65-W's and not 100% sure what to do with them. Originally this was going to be a way to get rid of my last 2 peerless unknown model drivers picked up online, but instead decided that this chunky driver would be better.

    This box was modelled for around 75Hz with an enclosure size of 0.022cuft, but noticed that it has that significant hump in the model no matter what or the size. the F0 is 106Hz, but giving a F6 in the low 60's. Just for symmetry, 2x 10mm ports were used.

    Havent done the design for the 12v battery setup yet, but considering putting it on one of the sides and using the 18350 Li ion batteries (1200mah). The amp is a 2x50w BT amp from somewhere else, so wont go into the specifics of that one, but im sure there are a billion just similar on a few huge platforms out there.

    As it is 9pm here downunder, i havent given it a test run, so have to wait for the morning.
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    In reality, if you simulated in about +5dB of baffle-step, you'd end up w/an F3 near 120Hz or so.
    Awfully "cute" though !