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SEOS-8 with RS28A/F 2 ways with public crossovers?

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  • SEOS-8 with RS28A/F 2 ways with public crossovers?

    I have seos-8 and both rs28a and 28f (old ones, not rst). Wondering if there are any crossovers that can be shared. Don't want to sell them if there's an interesting project available. Might get to it soon during the rainy winter doldrums, or in a few weeks.
    7-8" two way would be cool. Have RS225-8, considering Faitalpro 8", or other under 150 pair. Also have NE180-8 and Usher 8948a, easier to cross than rs225.
    Also I use subs (rss265hf) so low bass not needed. I usually do .7-8 sealed, match to subs. Or for 2nd room adjust to wall for decent room gain.
    Thanks, Don
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    I'm also interested. I too have some RS225-8 that could be paired up.
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      Seen this? Found searching DIYSG/ Pete Schumacher "Marksman" 8"/Seos8 kit. Pete might help if you can get in touch.


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        Thanks djg, will read that thread . Have time to tomorrow.


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          Interesting, I've been considering blowing the dust off of some old projects. I have one 8BG51 woofer and 8 of the discontinued RS225S-8's. My plan for the RS225's was to build on OB project similar to Mark K's unfinished wotk with a WH loaded RS28. I really liked the the idea of Pete Schumacher's 8BG51/RS28 combo as well so I picked the woofer up at the PE tent sale several years ago.

          i do realize the SEOS-8 WG's are available for purchase at a very reasonable price. If anyone wants to work together on a project that would help me meet my goals I do have a 3D printer as well as the ability to design some wave guides if the profile has already been defined.


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            I'm all ears concerning the SEOS-8 project.