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Dayton Audio ND65-8 Soundbar build help needed

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  • Dayton Audio ND65-8 Soundbar build help needed

    Hello all!
    I could really use some help here. Recently moved into a new house and the new setup doesn’t accommodate my old house’s surround setup. So I want to build a soundbar to the handle LCR channels. Height of the enclosure is critical, I need to keep the box as low profile as possible. My belief is that I can build something and drive it with my receiver/processor with hopefully much better results than if I just go out and buy a soundbar (what fun is that?).

    So here’s what I’m thinking: A 3 chamber soundbar, each chamber housing a single ND65-8 and two of the matching ND65-PRs. The recommended enclosure volume of .05cuft vented should work perfectly, and the 2-1/2" speaker size will let me keep the soundbar to the size that fits. I will use a sub for the most part, but there are times when I might power off the sub and use the soundbar full-range.

    But I have no idea on how to begin in figuring out how the 2-ND65-PRs should be tuned (how much weight to add or not) with a single ND65-8 in this enclosure, and I haven’t been able to find anything in the reviews, Q&A, or forums where someone has used a single ND65-8 driver with two of the ND-PR passive radiators.

    I could just port the enclosures, but I’ve heard these small ports with these tiny drivers can be noisy.
    Any advice or shared experience is greatly appreciated.
    A little of my background - I’ve been building speakers for a years now, but mostly based off other’s designs. I've learned a lot, but I’m just not good at the engineering side of it. I’m basically a woodworker who loves audio and finds the process of discovery associated with speakerbuilding very rewarding.

    Thank you all so much!!!

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    You CAN use a pair of ND65 PRs on each 0.05 cf cab ($$$$$), but I used them w/a 1"id x 8" long port (on each).
    My ported box(es) ran down to 60Hz (w/a tuning in the upper 60s), but - for some reason, the same tuning using a pair of 65-PRs (ea. using +3g added mass) yields a similar tuning, but the F3 (in WinISD) is up near 100Hz? W/NO added mass, their F3s hit more like 80Hz, but I like 60 better (esp. using nearly free ports).

    W/out a (dome) tweeter, the highs (even on a 2-1/2" FR driver) ARE pretty directional.


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      Thank you Chris. This helps a lot, and gives me some direction and some options to think about. Appreciate it!