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Question about homemade Overnight Sensations cabinet

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  • Question about homemade Overnight Sensations cabinet

    I have the parts to build Overnight Sensations, but didn't get the MDF kit. I'm doing that from scratch.
    Are there any plans online that show the location of the port hole on the back? I see on Google Drive site It shows the panel dimensions as well as the speaker hole placement, but not the back port hole placement. Does it matter?
    Does anyone have a link to complete cabinet panel dimensions?

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    The PE Forum has a page to existing speaker designs, and Paul Carmody designs where the Overnight Sensations are fully documented under book shelf systems.


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      I did find this page - but nothing about port hole location.
      As mentioned in my first post, I looked at the designer's website and it doesn't mention port hole location there either.

      Then a closer read to the google page says it doesn't matter too much, other than a couple items: "The vent should be mounted on the back baffle, located somewhere behind the tweeter. Its exact location isn’t critical, as long as the vent openings are at least 1” away from any other surface inside or outside the cabinet."


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        You can try it at the same height as the tweeter (hole), but I'd position it 3/4" off-center in the opposite direction of the tweeter offset. That puts it 1-1/2" off to the side of the tweeter's center and should avoid most problems (check w/YOUR actual box panels / tweeter model / and port length - just to avoid conflicts). There are a few too many variables in this design to "guarantee" anything ;-} .


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          My Carmody designed DIYSG S2000 TMs use the same flat pack as the Overnight Sensations, different baffle. The port is centered on the back, center of port is 2" below the top. Basically, you put the port where it won't hit the woofer magnet.

          Post up some pics when you finish, or before. People love build pics.

          If you look at this ad page, the pictures pretty much show where this particular flat pack puts the port. It's not that critical.

          How's this?

          Click image for larger version

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            Thanks for the comments.
            I'll be sure to take some pictures along the way and show some progress. I'll probably have more questions.

            I have made speakers in the past - TriTrix TL. And I made those cabinets from scratch also. But I found some really good directions online, with every dimension. Those speakers sound fantastic, though I don't use them a lot. I need to get down in the basement and listen to music down there. But by building these Overnight Sensations, that will probably happen even less since I'll have decent quality speakers at my computer soon.