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Infinity Reference E-L Upgrade

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  • Infinity Reference E-L Upgrade

    Got two of these for free, cosmetically in pretty nice condition. The foam woofer surround it gone on one speaker, and completely intact but fragile on the other speaker.

    I modeled and simulated different replacement woofers in the small (guesstimated under .20 cubic feet) box. The Dayton ND140-4 matched the cutout and screw holes perfectly, but didn't simulate as well, plus the other ND140 had a dented frame. The MCM 55-3870 pair would have worked with just a thin adapter but really didn't want to make another set after the existing ones disappeared. Eventually settled on the Peerless TPY05WO0088 which also fit the cutout and existing screw holes and has the classic pincushion frame.

    The stock tweeters look fine, but are just mylar cone drivers. A Peerless DX20-4 is a close fit, but needs new screw holes drilled. I had these on hand already. For now, blue painters tape holds it in place.

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    Schematic of the stock crossover. I don't see a value printed on the inductor. It appears the drivers were connected with the same polarity.

    Click image for larger version

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    Measured stacked on top of two other speakers, mic at tweeter height about 2 feet away:
    Click image for larger version

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    Same conditions as above but with the grill removed. I measured these at varying distances heights and angles. The woofer doesn't roll off that much off axis, despite the apparently high crossover. The relative smoothness and evenness was a complete surprise, as I listened to the working speaker before measuring and they sound bright, painfully bright. I measured other known speakers just to make sure something wasn't out of whack.

    Click image for larger version

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      Here are the new drivers, connected to the stock crossover. Tweeter level a bit low. This woofer doesn't like a small sealed enclosure, but it will be vented.

      Same as above, but without the grill:

      Tweeter flange looks thick, will probably try felt treatment:

      Click image for larger version

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