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Classix 2.5 Cabinet

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    LOL.......I will take some pictures later today.....

    I'm not going to go much taller, since I have decided to give them a slight tilt. Not as much tilt as CJD's ansonica's though.

    I plan to give them some out rigged style legs and make them individually height adjustable. ....Like the UBER high end Boutique
    I Have also been able to tweak where they will be positioned in room.

    For some reason I was envisioning them farther apart but I think I can put them a little closer together and the bottom DC6.5 will clear the ends of the couch.


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      Does Anybody know of a free sketch software that is easy and quick to learn?

      never taken the time to learn one.
      I'm old school and draw blueprints by hand... something I actually enjoy doing.... but I can't import those other then taking a picture.


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        I like SketchUp. There is a free version but it's not as easy to find as it used to be. A few good YouTube videos and you should be good to go for basic speaker building.


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          Hi guys.... I have been preoccupied the past couple of weeks, but back at the build now.

          Looking at the cabinet plans on Paul's website I see that the center of the 8.5" x 3" port needs to be 5" from the external bottom of the cabinet, just so I am clear ..... That still stands correct? Or has there been any revisions?

          I cant find it know but I thought I saw that the port needed to be closer then that.... i may also be thinking of a different speaker because I have looked at so many lately.

          I am not going to use a precision port, just some PVC or ABS that I will make a flared end for the inside and will round over the cabinet opening, somewhere in the .50" to .75" range.
          I also may use some heavy duty cardboard tubing that I scavenged a while back from and old subwoofer. its 5mm thick tubing


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            djg commented
            Editing a comment
            If there were any revisions I suspect Mr. Carmody would post them on his site. My own opinion, it's not that critical. If the cabinet were a MLTL, mass loaded transmission line, the port location would be very critical.

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          Ok that is good to know. I just wanted to make sure. Thank you


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            By the way I am going to give the speakers a bit of a tilt..... I mocked up with some boards to get a feel for how much, and I have settled on 7 degrees. The cabinet will be 40" tall but will have adjustable out rigger legs raising the height to 42"...

            The legs will give me the option of changing the degree of tilt as well by a couple of degrees both directions. That may not sound like much but a degree or two with that height makes a big difference.

            I should have some build plans and a cut sheet to post soon, still havent spent much time with Sketchup, so I am drawing them by hand