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No real reason apart from i was bored bt speaker project.

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  • No real reason apart from i was bored bt speaker project.


    i was going through my garage an noticed the big box of parts/speakers etc i had still, which is probably like most of these forums, for some reason i had 4x DMA45-4's and 4x DM45-8;s. Of course for some of these DIY electronic projects, you buy in bulk from a slow boat in asia and find yourself with 10 of everything.

    So a little bit of CAD later, testing some new filament (matt PLA) and experimenting with a larger 0.6mm nozzle, i started designing another of these tiny BT speaker. The idea was to just go small, use whatever was down in the garage and power it off those lovely 18350 batteries i picked up from the local vape store.




    LI ION 18350 Battery
    Buck converter to 6.5v
    USB C breakout board
    TP4057 BMS
    SPST switch
    1.5mm dia button top LED.
    Passive membranes (52mmx 2, 70x40mm x2)

    Something i noticed when writing this and doing some screen shots of WinISD, is i actually stuffed up and ran the wrong driver as I had the CE65w in it and not the DMA45's, which is a tad embarrasing, but here goes. The sim was run using 2x DMA45's and the 2xDMA58-PR as the passive membranes were excluded due to not having any information for them. the F3 is around 160hz, F6 110hz and F10 around 70hz. If the count of the passives gets increased to match the 6 in the build this number gets a little better.

    These little amps apparently can put out 4Ohm 5W when using 6.5volts and with the programmer you can customise the BT Name, EQ settings etc, which on this one i didnt. From the tests i've done with the Boozetooth builds, the QCC3003 is a little better and has more features like bass boost, cross overs and an internal buck converter (which i havent used). You can also add some swtiches to control the volume, track previous/next and play/pickup phone calls and add a mic..
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    Something i've noticed with this full ranger, was the first time i used it, i pushed it too hard, sizing an enclosure to get F3's in the 70-80's. which resulted in the driver sounding muffled and distorting very easily. Considering they are 1.5inch drivers and its being powered by a Li ion battery, i quite like how clear these sound, much better than the first attempt.

    It was always intended to be a non standard project and potentially never used as it was a quick design to test some printing techniques, but too be honest, i quite like them and will use these on my WFH days. I assume the battery should get around 6-7 hours like the boozetooth's

    The photos have it lined up against the BF37 build, which was quite small to begin with. Also the boozetooths are there for scale (grey one is the ND65, 12v build)
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      Something to note, Matt filament seems to be quite forgiving, so absolutely no post processing was done, just straight plotted, glued, screwed and assembled.

      What would i do differently if i was to do it again? Maybe configure the EQ on the chip or use more of the Dayton Audio PR's.
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        After thoughts...

        I know i have no divide, i did model them as a singular enclosure, but realise that i might have some issues with Rad's not quite working as intended. Also having the two on the top might be pure cosmetic and not sure if they will actually do much.


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          They look fantastic.
          Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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            I feel so old.


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              Lol, I wouldn't... I've been using autocad and other similar programs for my job for more than 20 years, so I have an advantage there. Also I caught the printing bug 12 months ago and now have 3. Hopefully if it all works out I'll have a decent project with 5 inch woofers coming in the next 6 months

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              There's the Iron Age, Stone age, Bronze Age. I'm stuck in the MDF Age.

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            well, was giving it a run and looks like ive blown the light.....looks like somebody has forgotten to put on the resistor.....