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  • Someone wanna model this driver?

    So, WinISD spit out some interesting figures for this fancy Adire Audio driver and I want to get a second opinion before I think I'm losing my mind. Would somebody mind tossing this in their box modeling program for me? WinISD would be fine, but maybe BassBox or one of the other box modeling programs. Here are the specs... The D1 version

    CoilDual 1 or Dual 2
    (VC wired in series)
    Fs 27.30 Hz | 27.84 Hz
    Re 3.21 Ohm | 6.77 Ohm
    Qms 6.12 | 6.57
    Qes .46 | .45
    Qts .42 | .42
    Le 3.00 mH/1.50 mH per coil
    Mms 256.85 g | 247.26g
    Cms .13 mm/N
    Sd 481.69 cm^2
    Vas 43.60 L | 43.54 L
    SPL D2: 84.60 dB @ 1W/1m
    D4: 84.94 dB @ 1W/1m
    Bl 17.54 Tm | 25.51 Tm
    Xmax 32 mm (One Way)
    RMS 2500W – RMS


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    Mid 20s in 2.0 vented cu.ft. Is this the 12"?


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      Thanks. No. It's the 18"... KH2501. Which is why I thought I had boogered up WinISD. 1.7 ft^3 @ 26 hz for and f3 of 25 hz.

      The vent, of course, is obnoxious if you want to put a ton of power to it. But that's a TINY box for an 18! Adire's website recommends 5.25 - 8 ft^3 which is another reason why I though I messed something up. With the larger box, the vent is MUCH more manageable with the tradeoff of a slump in the most of the bass response and a peak at 20 hz depending on tuning. 20hz tuning yields an f3 just below 18 hz.


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        Originally posted by Blenton View Post
        Sd 481.69 cm^2
        Not with an eighteen.


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          Sd and Vas are likely way off. I mean, 45L is not impossible for such a large driver, but it would be remarkably stiff suspension. I would imagine 150+ liters is more realistic.

          Adire website has wrong specs listed.
          Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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            Well crumb. I emailed them about the spec's yesterday, suspecting there was something wonky. Looking at the 12 and 15" versions, neither match the 18" data, but it's definitely off. I guess we'll see if I get a response tomorrow..